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I'm kinda pissed

I went up to lift for football today. I did my “big bad bench” workout and then drank my Surge. Then the coaches tell us we have to go outside and run. Not just 40’s , we had to sprint around the field which is about 300 yards. ofcourse i won but then i was about to barf from the surge that was in my stomach at the time. I personally asked dave tate if i could add anything else to the workout and he said no. is this running going to effect my workout progress?

“Of course I won”. Spencer your lack of humility in this and many other threads never ceases to amaze me. It must be tough living up to your standards.

and i thought i was the only one who noticed the glaring humility…

You guys are right, but according to Spencer’s achievements, you can’t really say anything to the contrary, he seems to be an exceptional athlete and avid T-man, and part of being a T-man is being the baddest MoFo around and knowing it, keep it up Spence.

This reminds me of when I played HS football.
I completely ignored the workout that the coaches gave us,(which was total crap) and substituted one I compiled from various sources, and surprise surprise, I was the strongest kid on the team. Anyway, to get to the point, right after weight training, these idiots would have us go run a timed mile twice a week. Realizing this was bullshit, and probably robbing me of gains, I told our head coach that I had a testicle injury that made running distances painful. I fully expected him to tell me to go to hell, but he actually bought it, and I didn’t have to run the miles anymore. Cracks me up!!!

joe mama, that testicle excuse sounds like a great idea, my coach forces us to lift at the school weightroom (which is a piece of shit cause it doesn’t even have a complete set of db and plus the entire team of 30 kids r there), my coaches have us practice before we lift (which i don’t have a problem with) then follow some piece of shit program (which i never follow) then run for like 30 minutes, next time i see my coach i am tellin him i can’t run.

on a side note…I love to lift weights (but at my gym with a nice enviroment) and i live to eat (clean), that is basicly what my life is in the summer (it is great)…Lift by day, chase muff by night (but i always fail at the second one)

Mitchell, I hear what you are saying but I think humility goes a further distance than acting boorish, arrogant and conceited. If that is the real definition of a T-Man, then I would rather be an E-Man. I am sure Spencer’s accomlishments are extraordinary, but it is insecurity that leads to continual boasting and T-Men are NOT insecure, at least in this idiot’s opinion. Buen Dia.

Point taken, but we have to remember that he is also still very young, when you or I were 17 we were just as bad, only we didn’t have this site to tell the whole world about it.

what the fuck? dude avoidz roids why are you such an asshole? if yuou actually knew me youd know i was a fucking jokster… youre a real shit head…

i dont understand why people cant take fucking jokes around here… youre an uptight asshole … get a grip and live life… long live avoidz roids or whatever the hell his name is

I agree with Spencer, some of the people on this forum really need to lighten up. I didn’t see anything wrong with his post in terms of arrogance and still don’t. One of the problems with reading someone’s post that you don’t know is you don’t understand how their personality truly works. They could be a real jokester (like I think Spencer is) and if you can’t hear the inflections in their voice or know them personally they can come off like an asshole. Basically, I always expect the best of intentions when interpretting a post on this thread, and I think some of you gentlemen should do the same and take it easy for a change. As for the original post, I think the running probably won’t mess you up to bad. I remember from another post (could be wrong though) that a guy asked if he should drink Surge after hitting the weights and then doing cardio, or doing Surge after the weights and cardio combined. I believe John B. told him to drink it after everything was done, so you may want to try that. I could be wrong about that, so you may want to ask JB himself.

I remember when I was playing football in High School, there was a guy on are team who threw up all the time for varioius reasons. He did it in practice, before games, and even during games. His last name was Stamper, and everyone called him Stampede. Thanks for that little vomit-trip down memory lane Stampede, I mean Spencer:), and good luck in football!

Agrees with spencer. Chill people…Chill.

Dawg on the Porch…Great name. Spencer, calm down my man. Profanity doesn’t become anyone…except for Tony Soprano maybe. :slight_smile: