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I'm Just a Young'n!

I’m young and dumb to this westside stuff, I’ve read every article and tried to watch every youtube vid about westside I just need a few things cleared up.

  1. Say on DE lower body, do I just do dynamic squats and the rest of my workout, or can I do variations of the squat as my main movement then my workout?

  2. Should I do the same exercises for 2 weeks, then pick another set of exercises for 2 weeks, then do this 2 more times, then go back and compare numbers?
    Week1-2 Bench
    3-4 Floor press
    5-6 Incline
    7-8 Rack lockout
    9 Deload
    10 start over or pick different exercises

Best introductory template I’ve come across…


as Matt says don’t worry about DE for your first run and choose full-range variations.

Thanks! That helped alot, I’ll definitely do his style of ME and deload.

If you’re going to be training this way for the next while, you might want to check out the Westside Method Thread so you can talk stuff over with guys who’re also following the template: