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IM Injection Site Rotation

Probably a silly question but a straight forward one.

Is it possible when you are regularly injecting into say Glutes and decide to switch it up and start injecting into Quads, is it normal to experience a slight dip? Due to build up in new muscle or anything like that?

I like Glutes but changed to Quads for a few weeks but went back to Glutes this week but feel like I’m noticing a slight dip at the moment.

You’re meaning a slight dip in what you think is T absorption I’m assuming? What is your weekly injection frequency? I have not seen studies but there could be a slight difference in absorption time between muscle groups but I’m not sure that would be the case. I’m assuming for you it would be easier to inject IM into your quads than glutes, IM could absorb faster, but that is the opposite of what you are saying. I rotate six injection sites, I don’t notice a difference to be honest where I inject. I do three times a week on TRT.

So do you inject into different muscle groups like every week?

Yea I meant like changing a certain muscle group would it be like making a dose change and it needing to build up again

There are different rates of absorption technically. Also could depend on how deep into the muscle you’re getting, or if it’s subq

I do. I rotate each delt, glute, quad in that order. I pin three times so I’m hitting one side of my body each week.

All IM for me, 1 inch pin, 27 gauge

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How many times per week? And why did you change?

Isn’t the oil completely absorbed into the blood stream by 24 hours after pin on IM?

Bigger muscle means more blood flow. So injecting into a glute or quad will result in faster uptake than a delt. Will you be able to notice or even measure this difference? Absolutely not. Pick sites that you like and rotate them as needed. Don’t over complicate things by thinking you need to change dose or timing because you’re pinning this muscle vs that one.