IM Injection - No Alcohol Swab Before Injection at Doctor's

Hey all!
I was a bit unsure about my IM injection technique so headed down to my local doctors to get the nurses to do it so I could learn.
I was shocked that she didn’t use an alcohol swab beforehand, by the time i realized the injection was already in and out. I asked why a swab wasn’t used and was advised “That it can affect the compound and isn’t needed as the needle is sterile”

This is the first i’ve ever heard of this. Is this common practice at all?

On a side note she used a 23G 1nch needle on my delt and barely felt a thing! Was expecting a lot worse. Felt like i corked my quad when i did my own! I plan on going SC injections, but only have sus250 atm…

I guess it would depend on the compound. My test Cyp has benzyl alcohol already in it as a preservative…doesn’t seem like the manufacturer is that concerned about it affecting the compound??

I also think that the statement makes no sense whatsoever unless you wipe the area and then inject immediately without letting the alcohol evaporate? Who would do that?

I would be concerned about bacteria on the surface of the skin coming into contact with the needle upon injecting and then having a pathway into my body via the needle channel.

My concern exactly! I put my Google PHD to use and saw it was a debated subject in the medical field

Wow. They would debate whether this is “beneficial”. I would think that if it were to negatively influence the drug or the injection then there would be a cause for debate. To have a debate just because some of them think that it is unnecessary… I’d say that this line of reasoning falls into the same category of whether one should aspirate or not…is it absolutely necessary? Well, NO buuuutttttt…accidentally inject estered test into an artery and I’ll bet that you would wish that you had!!!

It makes no sense unless they are arguing that it is an unnecessary expense? I mean what is the real reason for the debate here? Common sense (although not that common anymore) would dictate that if in doubt, go with the most sanitary option right? I don’t see them debating whether or not it is better to sanitize, just whether or not is is absolutely necessary. That’s the problem with some of these bozos imo…they are turning into lazy bums and bringing the mentality of “only doing what I absolutely have to do” into the medical profession. I’m sorry, but when someone else is making decisions for me that affect my health, and ultimately my life, I don’t want a bare minimum mentality. I want someone who is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that they are being as safe as possible. It makes me feel like they truly have my best interest in mind…

Anyway…rant over lol!

Haha yup, i feel you on that one!

She was covering her mistake and she is full of it. You risk infection by not using alcohol swabs.

The alcohol is to sterilize your skin which the needle passes through. And whatever residual alcohol was left on your skin would be negligible… So yeah, she is full of shit.

Hopefully I’m all good!!