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IM Injection Done with Wrong Needle Size - Risks?

So I just started my TRT and the doctor did the first one and said I could do the rest at home. I had a nurse friend come over and asked if she could do my second one. She did it my opposite upper glute as my first one. After leaving I noticed it was only a 5/8 needle, which I assume made this turn into a SC injection instead?

The bottle clearly said IM injection but Ive read a lot of people do SC now also.

Anything I should worry about here?

Thats a bit short for D glute, I do my ventro glute w/ a half inch and that’s been great however …depending on how much body fat you have it MAY have made it to shallow IM. Not too much to worry about youl be alright its going to absorb regardless!

It will not make difference. The glute is not the best location for most people though. Use the thigh or belly, easier and less chance of hitting a nerve.

Please post pre-TRT labs so we can critic your TRT protocol because lots of men get put on cookie cutter protocols that are far from ideal and only cause symptoms.

A competent doctor would have considered pre-TRT SHBG and estrogen labs before deciding on a TRT protocol. SHBG binds androgens testosterone and estrogen and is very important.

Most men inject T two or more time a week in order to minimize symptoms related to estrogen excess.

How thick is your fat layer where you got stuck?
For TRT the dose is so small the depth is just not a big thing.
Give it a couple years and you will be sticking yourself where ever it won’t hurt.
IM is ancient history subQ is the new thing because it is painless with no post PIP issues if done correctly.

I’ll not sure on how much fat I have but I’m a fairly athletic rock climber. 6,0 - 185lb

My last Free T lab was 65 pg/mL. Nearly at the very bottom of normal. Gotta go pickup my last test that was for a lot more.

He started me with 200mg every two weeks, after clomid gave me side effects.