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I'M IN!!!!!!


got the 1st call yesterday morning. Tim Patterson is a man of his word. None of you know me cause I never post, my profile says I've been here since 2008 or something, but I've re- registered a few times over the years. I've been on this site literally since day 1. Used alot of Biotest supps, not all. Started at this site when I still lived at home, now I'm 35 with a wife and 3 kids, lol.

Little background, competed and won some BB shows at age 18,19, got REALLY into steroids for a number of years (was about 270, 8% bf @ the height of my abuse),competed in some strongman contests, finally grew-the-hell-up, got a career and family started...currently at 250-255 prob 12-14% bf (always get fat in the winter, then lean up for summer)...nothing special, but bigger than the average shmo I guess. Gonna start my own thread with more detail on my background/what I'm currently doing soon. Going to head to the gym now and see if I can get someone to measure my bf% so I'll have a good starting point


Very cool. It took me a few years to make myself known in the forums as well (just figured I didn't have much worthwhile to add at the time -lol). I look forward to seeing how everyone with different backgrounds fares with the new product. I'm sure most people will be trying to gain with it, but although I'll still be in the midst of contest prep, I certainly wouldn't say no to a few extra lbs of lbm :slight_smile:



looking forward to seeing your progress, welcome aboard


cool... just fyi there is a thread called 'Eager for New Biotest something something', we are all posting in there.


Haha, I don't post much either....been a client and follower since the Testosterone / Biotest inception.

Oh yeah.....and I'm IN also!! Waiting for my yellow box!!


was going to wait until the Indigo Team 1 area is up and running, but figure I'll go ahead and start posting to get used to doing it

workout today: chest/back

pre-workout: 1 scoop whey
1 TBSP olive oil
1 serv redline

warm-up: Defranco's "Simlple Six" warm-up
315 x 7, 275 x 7, 245 x 6 (90 sec rest between sets)
270 x 7, 250 x 8, 225 x 8 (60 sec rest between sets)
bw x 4, bw x 3, bw x 3 (60 sec rest/sets) usually get alot more chins than this, felt kind of burnt out today, was up til midnight, in the gym @ 5 AM

cardio: 3 mile run ouside, finished in 30 min, 20 sec

post workout: (immed) 1 scoop whey/mic casein/egg mix with creatine, beta-alanine, BCAA
45-60 min later = breakfast - 1 scoop whey, 3/4cup high-fiber cereal
4 0z RAW, GRASS-FED milk


Kind of an unrelated question but I'm curious nonetheless. Is it ever difficult to train or just get that mental intensity going when you workout knowing that you are 20+ LBM smaller than you were during your "prime"? Does it ever seem pointless?

I mean no disrespect, I'm just curious how guys who have been big AAS users handle training mentally when they decide to step away from it.


Looking forward to following, bud! I might as well throw my Indigo log up soon, although I won't be able to start my dosing for 3 weeks due to traveling.

Are those chest supported rows using BB or is that some machine?


I personally don't have any difficulty, because basically my priorities in life shifted. Before, my focus was only on myself, what I wanted. I loved working out, but since I only cared about myself I got sucked into wanting to get bigger and bigger...it became my whole identity. NOW things are different, my faith, my family come before myself....I still love to lift, it's my "hobby", my fun/release time. I love to train for the sheerjoy it gives me. I do it now, not to be huge, but more to stay healthy and strong - for my wife and kids! Doesn't ever seem pointless looking at it this way


it's the machine with the chest cushion and T-bar, but you load the plates on


I look forward to following your progress as well. I think you are in the minority of Indigo-3G Team 1 members as having a relatively large amount of muscle mass already. You will also have a unique perspective as being a former AAS user.


An excellent question, and an excellent answer in these two posts.

In my case, I never used high dosages in any of my cycles and my longest cycles lasted 12 weeks...most were alot less that this. When I 1st took up weight training, my intent was never to use steroids in the beginning, and I didn't start using them til I had roughly a good 12 years of natural training under my belt. My "steroid" gains were slow but consistent, and I strongly believe my approach (and my obsession with "safety") resulted in helping me reach close to the biggest bang for the minimum amount of assistance.

Going back to natural training after knowing the enhanced recuperative and nutrition partitioning effects of anabolics was difficult, but nevertheless a good "perspective' change for me. For awhile there, I expected that due to my "smart" anabolic intake approach (what I thought was smart that is) that I would keep a majority of my gains if I kept up with the level of training I was capable of doing when using assistance. What I have discovered is that one can keep a fairly good amount of gains made, but it will never be at that level as when you were "on". The assistance also guarded you against training injuries if you trained smartly.....that guard is gone when the assistance is gone and so even more care must be taken when designing training approaches...especially how you plan your heavy training loads.

I would by completely dishonest if I said I would never use anabolics again. Anabolics, to me, are simply NOT the evil that the media and die hard naturalists believe them to be. I think the kamikaze steroid users are the ones to give steroid use for physique or strength enhancement a bad name, but there are still a few of us around who I believe used these substances as "tools" and real "supplemention" rather than relying on them solely.

And this is why certain supplement advertisement "phrases" really catch my eye such as "feeling pumped all the time", or "nutrient partitioner". As I have mentioned in livespills and other posts, these are getting into that beautiful realm of what my experience with low dosage anabolics has been. Most of these phrases are advertised by, in my humble opinion, less reputable companies than Biotest, but they still catch my eye nonetheless.


Gotcha, thanks for the reply. Makes sense.


buffd, I agree with you about the "evils" of anabolic steroids being WAY overblown. For me, when I say I will never go there again (other than my hrt, of course!) is more becase of my own self-inflicted negative experiences. I started out with moderate, very well researched conservative cycles, but I got too caught up in the results, and the whole sub-culture in general, which lead me to going way overboard.

So for me, I just don't want to take the chance of going there again, especially with a great/beautiful wife and kids to consider now! I don't see anything wrong at all with the RESPONSIBLE use of anabolics by other people though


for anyone who's interested, I'm running a detailed log of my Indigo-3g experience over in the Team Indigo 1 Log Forum