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I'm in Thailand Right Now


and I am not sure if I am coming home.


Why? You like coconut milk and 12 year old hookers?

Seriously, be careful down there. The rate of HIV infection is around 25-30%.


How cheap are the pirated DVDs?


Seriously, this is good advice. Double-wrap it, and don't be surprised if you end up feeling up a guy. And watch your drink... but that goes for anywhere.

Have some fun for your T-brethren!


Exactly. Thailand was a blast. But the sheer amount of chubby, middle-aged, disgustingly pale white men (half of whom looked like they hadn't seen the sun or been with a woman in years) with hot little Thai chicks made me sick to my stomach. Not saying this is you.


Hook it up with hotties! Get massages every day with happy endings! But watch out for the really pretty "girls." They are boys!!!


Yea, and don't get married just because you found a hot chick who's the best you ever had in bed.

No realy, two friends of mine did and one stayed there. They were both in the Navy with me and we were stationed in Diego Garcia (Indian Ocean).

Flying to Thailand was only about $200.

I went with my fiance at the time, so I didn't get the full experience.

I heard some crazy stories though. A group of 6 guys went and said those chicks can sit on you motionless, and they have so much 'pussy control' it feels like they're rinding you.

I also saw a picture that was drawn with 'no hands' and baloons were popped with darts, but the darts weren't being blown from their mouths, and something with small turtles.

Another friend was so drunk he fell asleap in a chick and woke up to find that there was no condom on. He got lucky so far, I think.

Oh, and don't take the "wrap it with 2 condoms" seriously. That makes both codoms weaker and will probably break with the friction. Use one at a time and use them correctly!


ok- this is your other mom speaking and you leave those skanky girls alone- don't forget the 4 P's Timmy-Jules


25-30%? That's a little hard to believe. Got anything to back that up?


Are you saying you think the number should be higher or lower?

Thailand is known as the STD capital of the world.


Gettin some of that ThiaPoon Taste of Asia? Been to the Phillipines, never Thailand you lucky bastard.



My buddy was a Marine, and he caught the clap from a Tailand hooker. He claims, "Its not that bad, even the dripping". Now, I have never had the clap, so I don't know what "the dripping" was. But it sounds fucking nasty. So always use condoms. Don't touch the women...


Did you know that most of the working girls are from burma. The thai goverment claims that Thailand doesnt have an Aids problem ,yet the Buramise goverment claims to have a huge aids problem.
If Thailand really did have 30% or over , would they admit it? If it became common knowlege that the thai girls had aids , tourism would go down .Thailand depends heavily on the tourist dollar


I think thats China or India not thailand.However , I wouldnt be surprised if thailand was in the top five.


I dunno, there are lots of countries in Africa who beat that number on AIDs alone; I'd hardly call Thailand the STD capital. 25-30% sounds a little high to me, and it also sounds like a guess/rumor.

Still though, even protected sex with a native thai is prolly pretty risky.


Where did you get the info about the girls are Burmese?? Not in Pattaya, that's for sure. So far I've only met one burmese "working-girl" here.

Aids is a problem here, there's an orphanage here in Pattaya with HIV infected kids, the parents get scared and kick the kids out to take care of themselves. Amazing Thailand!!

There's no place like home :wink:

jodgey, where in Thailand are you? I live in Pattaya.


Imho it should be a rule on making accurate statements like this. They should atleast be slightly researched before posting. 25-30%? You know how high that is?

According to "CIA, The world factboook"[1], Thailand is ranked #49 on the HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate list with 1,5%. United States, as a comparasion, is ranked #69 with 0,6%.

Thailand has done a lot to get information about sexual diseases out to people the last years, which has very positivly affected their rate.

Ref: [1]http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/rankorder/2155rank.html


I have heard that the prostitues have about 25% aids. thailand is known as a place for sex-type of vacations therefore it doesn't surprise me. In fact , prostitution is apparantly such a good gig over there that effimate boys dress up as girls and its accepted as a acultural quirk. Only happy ending massages for me.


So that's what they mean when they say they only have a little bit of aids!!

Maybe a bit like being a little bit pregnant??

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)


I do a lot of work with Karen (pronounced Ker-Ren)refugee's from Burma who are living in refugee camps on the Thai/Burma border. Most of the work I do is with medical teams that are situated in Burma and help out the Karen people that are affected by the war there. One of the things that the burmese army (SPDC forces) do is to attack Karen villages and among other things, take the women as slaves to work in the sex industry in various S.E Asian countries.

Whoever said that Pattaya had mostly thai call girls is living in a fairy tale world with mushroom houses and talking frogs. This shit pisses me off...i'm going to go spar a few rounds. Catch ya later...