I'm in McGill Wohoo

Hey guys,

I just found out this morning I got into MCGILL undergrad. Just wanted to appreciate the help I gotten from this forum, whether its lifting advice or college essay editing. I could not have done it without you guys.

My pursue of iron has changed me for the better, I learned how to push myself academically.

Thanks for all the support!

sweet …wth is mcgill?

Good on ya. What program are you in?

I went there for my Undergrad and had a great time.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
sweet …wth is mcgill?[/quote]

Its one of the top-notch university in Montreal, Canada.

[quote]Anonymous Coward wrote:
Good on ya. What program are you in?

I went there for my Undergrad and had a great time.[/quote]

I applied for the economics department if I recall correctly.


I don’t know if you live in Montreal now, but if you don’t you’ll be glad to hear that for 15$ a semester, you get a weight room membership. The power rack and lifting platform are pretty much always available in the mornings now that I don’t go there anymore ;).

Also, there’s a big ol’ bucket that’s always full of chalk, which is nice. All that is tucked away in the back far from the benches, dumbbell racks and cardio section, so even when it starts to get crowded, that part tends to be pretty isolated. Now that I’m describing it, even if you already live in Montreal, that may be better (especially in price, given that your tuition subsidizes it whether you go or not) than your current membership.

I wish I could still go there.

Best of luck, have fun and if you’re looking for a party, head on down to the basement of the Bronfman building on thursdays around happy hour time. Make some friends in there and you’ll never be bored (or wake up lonely).

Nice, good job man!! McGill is an awesome school! I know a ton of people that have gone there and whenever I went to visit them the McGill students I met were very well-rounded people. Oh and enjoy the nightlife - MTL is the SHIT!!!

Congrats! I know a few people who went there and I think they really enjoyed it.

Queens > McGill

man, I’m just fucking with you. Congrats dude, tough school to get into. I hope they have a good econ program. Keep on lifting with your heavy workload!

Nice dude, now you can come down and train those O-lifts at Concordia International weightlifting club with me.

We got 3 chalk buckets, coaching and real bars. for the low price of $200 a year. Weeeeeee.