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I'm in love

I did snatches for the first time in my life yesterday, and I can tell I’m already hooked. I did 5x5 @95lbs from the hang but felt I could’ve gotten up to at least 110-115lbs. I felt that my form was solid, but like I said this is the first time I’ve ever tried them and I didn’t have anyone to critique me.Is there anything I should be aware of while doing them? I “jumped” the weight up, dipped and planted to catch. Is there more than that? Thanks for readin

To quote CT in his new book:
“1. The bar starts at the knees while the lifter is holding on to it. Feet are hip width, toes are turned slightly outward. Legs are flexed at the knee slightly (around 130-140 degrees). Trunk is flexed, back is tightly arched. Shoulders are in front of the bar. Arms are straight. Traps are stretched. Head is looking forward. Grab the bar with a wide grip.
2. At the knees explode upward with a powerful leg and back extension. The bar
should be kept close to the body at all times. The traps contract forcefully to
further accelerate the bar.
3. Catch the bar in a quarter squat. Pull the bar overhead in one motion, do not
press it. You must catch it with your arms locked.”

Hope you don’t mind I did that CT, but I really wouldn’t want someone to be doing a snatch wrong. It has taken me about 3 weeks to get really good form myself, so I know it is a pain in the ass.

LOL you sound like I did when I started last month! After snatching yesterday, I am missing skin on: my shins, palms, wrists, and thighs. I have never had such a physically destructive workout in my life. It’s pretty silly actually.

My advice, take it slow and nail the accessory lifts before progressing with the O lift.

DB snatches are pretty fun too!:slight_smile:

i love snatch… er snatches…


bump for SNATCH!!!
and CT’s new book…where oh where is the print version

Going to have to get CT’s book.

Just to add you should notice two distinct phases to the lift. The first pull and the second pull. On the first the back should stay at the same angle until the second explosive pull starts. This is where the back extends.
Beginners (and i am most definitely one!) tend to pull with their ‘back’ too much on the first pull, which should emphasise driving through the heels with the legs. Just tried doing this and my weight have gone down but I know i have to correct my form or else my back is going to suffer down the road.

To work your second pull more try snatches from the hang and blocks.

Lol at the title of your post; I thought it was another warped relationship post that missed the Off Topic forum…

Anyhow, the main thing is work your poundages up slowly… WARM UP & stay warm throughout the lift and rest periods… Make sure your lower back, leg muscles, even your tibs and calves are warmed up… Flexibility is key here in accelerating the weight up.

The danger in the OL exercise is poor form and/or excessive weight. Make sure before you go any further to have someone qualified check out any flaws in your technique.

Thanks, I did prety much everything CT said to. I had read about stuctural breakdown and proper form, just not in about 6 months . right now I’m doing them from the hang, but after my current phase is over I’m goin to do them from the floor.I appreciate everyone’s responses. Ya’ll stay up.

SNATCH IS AMAZING. i started out with clean and jerk, which i thought was a gift from god. but then i read about the snatch, and after perfecting the form for 2 weeks, i tried it with heavy weights. AMAZING. last year i did around 200 pounds, but then i had a football injury and i havent done it since. man i miss those. after doing them for a month, the best comment i got was when i girl i liked saw me in a tshirt and said “wow, u look amazing” yes true story. so YAY for SNATCH. i wish my college gym had a barbell and the space to do them again.

Nothing better than fresh snatch mmmm

We’re on the same wavelength man. I started power clenas and snatches 6 weks ago and they are fun! In fact i’m about to post a new topic on how/where to find a qualified Oly coach cuz I don’t want to hurt myself.

I gotta say, as much as i love[ed] them, i’m gonna cool out for a bit. they sapped my strength for pressing. i train every other day on an ub/lb split. for upper i :bench 5x5 3 min then 2a] pushpress5x5 90sec 2b]weighted chins 5x5 90 sec
for lower i: [1 session] powerclean 5x5 2min ilegged ski squats 5x5 1min
[2nd] squats 5x5 2 min hang cleans 5x5 90 sec
i was planning on substituting hang snatches for the hang cleans, but found that my bench strength was severly compromised. i had been on a constant upward swing where i was either adding weight or reps every workout [for bench]after the snatches, my bench didn’t stall, it went DOWN. got buried under a weight i should’ve dominated and i guess it crushed my ego. so until my numbers are where i’d like them to be in the 4 lifts i’m concentrating on [squat,bench,pc, weighted chin] i guess i’ll hang back for a bit. but i will return, oh yes, i will return. thanks for all of yalls help and concern towards my effort.

I love doing snatches. I do snatches whenever I can. Doing snatches will make you a man.

However, I’ve found myself doing a lot more jerking lately.

Oh, and I guess “snatches” are the name of a weight training exercise, too.

Dan “Who knew?” McVicker