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I'm in Love with my Lifting Partner


I made a new account for this simply out of the embarrassment.

I've known my lifting partner for a little under a year, but we never really got to know eachother until I saw her in the gym for the first time this semester and I noticed she was doing squats and deadlifts. I was, of course, very interested as I had no idea she lifted weights. Her form was better than most of the guys there - not perfect and it was clear she hadn't been doing it for long but I admired her for simply being there and doing it with good form.

Eventually I got around to talking to her about it and she confirmed that she hadn't been lifting for long but that she really loved it. She asked me for advice on her form and if I'd help her with her squat and we've been lifting together since. (We're planning on doing a meet together in April)

Small talk between sets and the occasional post-lift lunch for a few months have allowed me to get to know her only a bit more than I did before but I find myself wanting to know absolutely everything. I won't waste your time singing her praises and explaining why I feel the way I do.

I make this thread only for one reason though: I feel like it's starting to affect the way that I lift. Everytime I do a set it's like I feel her eyes on me even when there is music blasting in my ears and it really interrupts my focus. Her lifts have gotten phenomenally better over the past few months (she's always been an athlete) and it kills me watching her sometimes.

The obvious thing to do would be to get another lifting partner but I don't want to just ditch her - she would say she's fine with it but I know she'd be upset. How can I get over my feelings for her, or at least ignore them so I can focus? Sadly enough, this is a bigger source of stress for me than anything else in my life.


Wait... did you bang her?


Pics or STFU and GTFO


Ask her out on a real date. Get her drunk. Sleep with her.
Problem solved.




Yea really. All I can say is that if you're older than 12, and you're in love with a chick, and you don't make an attempt to ask her out, you're a pussy.


For his sake I'll assure you no - this name is based off of absolutely nothing, random word that popped in my head.

Irish - that would make things easier.




This thread feels female.

Meaning, the OP is female.


Dude, just ask her out.

Last thing you need is to look back in 15 years and kick yourself for NOT doing what you know you want to do.

PIIHP dude, maybe not on the first date, but before year 3 for sure.


You'll regain your focus once you stop getting nervous and she becomes your girlfriend.

HER lifts got better after knowing you. Obviously she enjoys your company, come across non threatening and have similar passions. What else do you want?

Yeah and all that other stuff posted so far too - pictures, ask her out and copious amounts of shagging.


And if he plays his cards right and hits it on the first date, he'll probably be over her the next day.
Always worked for me!


That explains the apprehension to PIIHP...

I'm tapped then. I understand women less and less every day I'm married, last thing I can do is tell a chick how to hook up with another chick.

I could introduce you to my sister in law though. She is still publicly denying her love of da vaggo, but we all know she likes tha sweet sweet box too.


Well considering my huge fucking pussy status, that would make sense.

Yeah I do just need to suck it up and do it - I don't want her to think I'm only helping her out because I like her or anything, but that's just a really retarded excuse.

Thanks for the kicks in the balls.


If you don't even know that Hallowed is a girl...


You called?


I re-read OPs post. Gosh you're uncanny Hungry.


Haha nice one, I concur and in the same boat.


Feels phony too ...


Depending on her past this is a real concern.

If you actually speak to her like a normal adult, and explain what happened, you will be fine though.

You fell in love with her, it isn't like you killed 16 kids on a murderous rampage. Just talk to her.

Shit man, this is the best part. The beginning, the hunt, the fear of rejection... Even fucking her can be secondary to the thrill of the moment before she says yes.