I'm Huge

For those of you that are jacked, when did you first realize you were. Seeing that muscle developement is a slow and incrimental process, when do you finally say, “fuck it I’m huge”. I think I am getting bigger, but because I am always looking in the mirror, I can’t see too much of a change.

Only a photograph can tell the truth.

Best way to really notice gains would be to take some before and after pictures. Just my .02

I’m Modest!

I wish I took some What about comments form others. Do you take any creedence in those.

basically ive always been reallly fuckin huge so i cant comment

can you be too huge? hell NO!


even after gaining 30+ pounds, i still think im small. friends say im big, but in my opinion, i am not. the only time i would say to myself “god, i am huge” is when my body is so big, i have to sidestep to go through a door.

In the summer of 2001,my girlfriend shot a few pics from the beach.It was crowdy and alot of “ordinary” people standing around me…anyway,after I saw the pic,I would probably say that was the first time I realized that I was actually was QUITE a bit bigger than the ordinary joe`s…:slight_smile:

this summer im going to get HUGE. Right now everyone tells me Ive got a nice body but I feel that for the last 3 years since high school I havent changed enough. This summer I will finally put everything together and come back fall and everyone that knows me will have wide eyes the first time they see me. I have to take some pictures so I can see how much I grew. Also a scale is helpful and measurements

i would say i’m ‘HUGE’ now.


I know i’m not big and I stil have along way to go but seeing a photo of yourself 6 years ago weighing 140lb and thinking OMG I can’t believe how skinny i was! Now I hover around 195lb but to me that 55lbs just means I just look ‘average’ now.

How’s this for huge??

One hell of a ab shot;-)

Growingfast, talking about upper body, a way to look huge is to get a V-shape that is a ratio chest/waist = 1.4 or of course more. For a 5’8" guy,the visual aspect of a 45" chest with a 31" waist may start to be impressive. The same chest with a 35" waist gives a not so striking visual aspect.

It is really hard to tell when you are big. I went to college weighing 165lbs at 5’11". After about 2 years I had gotten up to 200lbs. Of course at 200 I still didn’t feel huge. As I progressed I still never felt that big even when I had gotten up to 255. I think no matter how big you get when you just look at yourself, you don’t feel bigger than the other people you may see.

I finally, started to feel huge when I was the best man in a wedding and had to get a 54" jacket for my tux.

it all depends on your bodymass index and % bodyfat. Also people have different bone structures so they will lokk different. I’ll consider myself jacked when i hit arnold’s aesthetically looking bmi at my height of 69" at 215lbs and 6% bf. laters pk