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I'm Gonna Snap


So, thursday was my b-day. The last few years have been pretty boring in terms of celebrations, so this year I decided to go out and go nuts, the celebration was gonna be today. See, this is what really pisses me off about people. Do not say you're going to come, and then the day of said event, not reply to any calls, texts or bail for the most idiotic fucking reasons I've ever seen in my life.

All I wanted to do was go out, have fun, maybe meet people and get drunk cuz it's been since New Years when I last drank. So, chances are I'm gonna be home all night posting on the forums.

This shit brings my piss to a boil.


thats sucks man, i hate when people bail for bullshit reasons when I go even when I feel like shit because they want me to be there


You need better friends amigo.

Happy birthday though.


who needs friends? go get hammered by yourself. have some fun with it


Happy Birthday man...

On the bright side there seems to e some new trolls afoot, that should at least make tonight interesting.


Sorry about that. Happy birthday. Today I was going to have a bbq with my family. I was looking forward to it. My mom told me my sister is too busy with schoolwork to come and is very stressed. I called my sister and she said my mom is "afraid of the road." Sheesh. Yes, I live an hour away, but it is a state highway, not a mountain goat trail. So, here I sit, on the 4th,all alone.

I, too, am feeling a little pissy about it.


I'd be flipping out, too!!

Ignorant bastards.

Happy Birthday, though!!


Happy Birthday dude.

I'm over birthdays, I'd just say you should get trashed anyway. Like I do every week.



It's sooooo annoying when people bail the last minute, it does ruin some of my nights, but I always find ways to make it better...

Happy birthday!!


That sucks. Being alone on the Fourth and our birthday is pretty much crap, but that is why I don't celebrate my birthday anymore or even tell people when my birthday is.


Happy birthday anyways. People are assholes.


This can't be your worst birthday, though. What about that one where you were covered in your mother's vagina juice?

Sorry to hear though, man. Happy Birthday.


OMG dude, WTF?

Who wants to think about that?


Yes Happy B-day, and many more


That sucks. Yeah, you need new friends. I agree that it is pretty darn hard to find good friends. Anyway, happy birthday, I'll toast you raises glass


yep, definitely need to do a friend dump.


Your friends most likely have no soul......or have very low EQ. But either ways, happy birthday man.


Quality over quantity never goes wrong.

Happy Birthday.


Sorry Rattler. Next to guys wearing flip-flops in the gym, People bailing on you is a close second in the pet peve department.
Anyways though,HBD. This...Molsons for you.



hey dude i meant to call you but uhhh yeah like my sister had this recital thing for school and i didn't want to go but my mom like totally made me yo. dude next saturday though, balls to the walls bro.