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I'm Gonna Break My Rusty Cage and Run


Damn anyone see Jon Fitch entrance. I never see entrances cause I watch a lot of these events the next day.
But man never seen his entrance like that..just moved me man.
Johny Cash song...total badass. Just moved me man...had goosebumps from it n everythin.

Ohhh I'm feelin muay thai this week. ARSH!


lol this thread has really taken off I can see!..

Okay how about this…anyone see an entrance that moved them…felt goosebumps from it, or just thught it was total badass (i can definately see someone postin fedor’s entrance)…if so post links if you can find it!



Rusty Cage is a Soundgarden song that Johnny Cash covered.
Soundgarden’s original version will peel paint off the wall!


I think it’s a great entrance song. My best friend and training partner used it for his very first fight (he won).

I’ve always liked Akiyama’s entrance too. Bowing with his team-mates is a nice gesture.


I must have been in the bathroom for this. Anyone got a youtube link?


Arlovski when he was good.


Tito Ortiz with ‘Mosh’.

Akiyama, of course.

Was anyone else bummed that GSP’s entrance at 100 didn’t have the ‘Sprint of Terror’ because of his torn groin?