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I'm Going to Start Actually Training My Biceps


Ive spent about a total of a year under the bar. I have a strength background and have made great progress with lifting in general. However, I have always followed the "only do compound movements, never isolation exercises" mentality. The more I read the more I want to start doing SOME isolation work. I was thinking of just throwing in 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps of barbell curls at the end of a workout. Is the barbell curl a good place to start? Howw many times a week should I do curls? I am lifting with the football team right now. I will start a new lifting routine + the curls once football is over. Im thinking the routine will look something like this.

Mon: Squat, GMs
Tues: Bench, Rows
Thurs: Squat, Pull Ups
Sat: Deadlift, MP


just curl on your back day or if you are really lagging add an extra days only to arms.


Welcome to bodybuilding.

There are several good threads on this topic but yes um direct arm work will help your biceps grow.


Maybe a better question is should I do barbell or dumbell curls?


I like to start off with the barbell/ez bar (as a kind of "initiator" movement), like work up to a top weight, then finish off with higher rep dumbbells on the incline bench.


Whatever doesn't hurt your elbows or wrists...

This isn't rocket science, even though some people act like it is at times.

Fucking LOL @ the internet for fucking people up to the point were a curl is this big of a deal. Good god, I hope the book revenue is worth the sleepless nights.


Wait, I'm still not clear on something.

Is it socks BEFORE shoes?


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Don't forget to do rear delt raises, side delt raises.. it's not just the biceps that need direct work, even though that is what everyone seems to be focused on.

Also "throwing in 3-5 sets" suggests to me that you still don't quite get it. You should strive for progression on the "isolation" exercises just as hard as you do with your squats and deadlifts. Putting them in just so you can say you did them does nothing. Doing facepulls in between sets of pressing might be a good idea, to keep your shoulders healthy and help add some upper back size.

Good luck with your new routine.