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I'm Going to a TRT Clinic


So I'm going to see an endocrinologist and get all my hormone levels checked.
My question is if I am diagnosed with low t are they going to advise trt first off the bat ? Also if they do will they push for me to use gel before they prescribe injections?


If clinics in Australia are anything like they are here in the states, they will most likely suggest TRT if your bloodwork is indicative of hypogonadism or less than optimal T.

Many clinics will give you the option to use gels or injections.


Ok cheers.


Please read the advice for new guys sticky. You need to know a lot and you can't expect to find a doctor who is both knowledgeable and willing.

There are many issues to be considered. In many cases, low T is a symptom not a cause and you need to find out what is going on.