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I'm goin to Thailand

Just finished reading Chris Shugart’s article “The Thailand Trilogy” Oh man, I want one of them “Soapies!” Oh, and 10 grams or so of Primobolan Depot…

Sign me up! That was an excellent bit of writing, wasn’t it?

if the wife “let’s” me, count me in :slight_smile:

Yes i agree… Excellent article, looking forward to Part 2. I would love to see more articles like this. Also the Greg V. interview was great. Chris has some great articles… keep up the good work.

Excellent piece of journalism. I was totally riveted. Any guesses as to what happens with his new friend? I’m dying to find out.

I am going too. Women and primo what else a guy could possibly need. But is that a joke that of all the T-mag staff they sent a married man, poor Chris he couldn’t really enjoy his trip.

I want to retire there… then eventually unite the hookers into some kind of an army or something that fights for some cause or something, I’ll make something up later. The training regiment will involve sex, but that’s as far as I’ve gone into figuring out the details.

Nick, a single man would have never came back! :slight_smile:

Cool article. Can’t wait for part two. This Friday I assume?