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I'm Getting Depressed

I have completed the second week of my Maximal Weights program, and my strength is not really increasing at all. Doing the 5 sets, I got a total of one or two reps more per workout. I want it to be more, like more reps on every set, or the same reps, but more weight. What’s wrong? I just got off dieting for 16 weeks, and I have been eating clean, but still feel a little hungry. Should I eat more, or just be patient? Last year I did this program, and I gained strength faster, but I was eating more. Maybe it takes a while for this program to start working? I can’t find my old training log.

Princess, I want to say eat more, but I don’t know exactly what you’re eating now in relation to your size. But if you’re hungry, that’s a good indication. Also, 2 weeks? I usually don’t see gains until 4-6 weeks, but everyone is different. Some genetic “fast gainers” (who I hate) will adapt more quickly … be patient. Also, what do you think of your current routine? Does it fit you mentally? or when you’re done, do you feel you haven’t worked?

Bro if you know you were eating more and getting better esults EAT MORE! It’s that simple. Follow John Berardis Appetiete for Construction Guidlines so you stay relatively lean.
(alternating protein & carb meals w/protein & fat meals.)

I don’t really know my exact calories, but I am eating egg whites, oatmeal, flax oil, natural peanut butter, rice cakes, cottage cheese, potatoes, lean ground beef, wheat pasta, Advanced Protein, vegtables and chicken breast, along with whey isolate and grape juice after a workout. And I’m not just making this up, I know some people claim to eat perfect, and really don’t, but I really only eat these foods. I would think my calories would be fairly high, since I include peanut butter in at least two meals a day.

The first week after I did this program, every muscle other than my delts was VERY sore. The second week I didn’t get as sore. So I think the choice of exercises is pretty good, so I think it lies either in my diet, or lack of patience.

If I increase my calories, should I make each meal larger, or eat more often? I’m eating 7 times a day now.

Princess, you are selling yourself short by not counting your calories. I know it sounds like a pain in the ass to do, but I can’t stress it’s importance! Read Chris Shugart’s “Missing Ingredient” article, and that will futher emphasize this. The foods you listed are good, now it’s a matter of eating the correct amounts. I eat 7-8 times a day myself and wouldn’t go more than that, unless you want to wake up at 3 am for a “midnight” snack.

I guess I forgot to mention that I want to stay pretty lean, at least until summer is over. So maybe it’s impossible to stay lean, while eating more, and thus lifting more? I live near the ocean and the beach, so I like to chill there, and sometimes even enter a bikini contest, so I don’t want to be fat in the summer. It’s OK in the winter though. LOL Maybe I just need to eat more ice cream and candy? lol

In my opinion, it is not your diet. I think you worked too hard on your first week and pooped yourself out. I have followed Ian King’s guideline to slowly ramp up the effort level week by week and it works for me. I really hit it hard by the third week and that is when I put up my personal bests. Nevertheless, you ARE making progress. Unfortunately, it is not quick enough for you. I do agree with the other posters that if you eat massively, then you will make much better gains, but you’ll put on fat too. On second thought, your progres, while on a maintaining diet, is not all that bad.

It terms of my diet, I am not really suffering, but I’m not really eating anything “fun”, so maybe it is decent progress.

I forgot about the Ian King thing about only going to failure on the 3rd week, that probably is what is hurting me. I ached all over the first week, and since I would consider my calories somewhat limited, I bet that I didn’t eat enough to repair all the muscle I destroyed. The second week, I’m not as sore, and I have been eating a little more, maybe I’ll make some progress now. I just am not a patient person!