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I'm Getting Back Into it


After pussyfooting around since I graduated, I decided it's time to get real serious, real fast. After posting on this site for a while, I decided to quit posting because of a lot of the so called advice I was being given. So I need a few questions answered, or just give me advice.

I'm in the need of bulking. I need help in some motivation.

Do pre-workout energy drinks, bars, etc work? If I find lack of energy at the gym, would that be a good investment?

Also, what could be some no bullshit motivation be. Funny enough, I have the enough care to bitch to myself about my body, but not necessarily the drive to change, most of the times. Any suggestions???



Stop being a little pussy. Drink coffee. Use Surge or similar Biotest product.

And if you don't do anything how could you even think that you really want it?


Energy drinks work, but they are a bit expensive.

No one can motivate you, only you can do that. You sound like most of my friends; they can't workout because their tooth hurts, their mom died, their eye itches, they were born in '85... whatever the best bullshit excuse they can come up with.

My advice, stop being a pussy.


Food. Without that, you won't have much energy to go full on at the gym.


If you need motivation to go work out, then really, you probably don't want to get bigger.
Just fucking do it. I use to eat just a protein bar before workouts and I was fine.
Stop being a pussy.


get some sexy headphones, blast some cannibal corpse and get your scrawny shit stain ass under that bar.


Go back to the couch with your Doritos and Ding Dongs, watch porn on the net instead of finding a woman, do the Wii fit but just sit and move the controller around instead of actually do the movement. That way you can tell your friend that you work out all the time.

Break all of the mirrors in the basement where you live so that you can tell yourself you are getting bigger.

Don't worry about drive or will power. Your mom will tell you it's all right, you just need to mature, that you have a lot of potential and some day someone will see what a great kid you are, but for now just have this sandwich that I cut the crust off of just like you love it and for the last time will you please clean up your basement and put your bong away because the bridge club is coming over and it would be nice if you got a job and made some money to pay rent but what the heck you're only 27 and some kids are slow starters.


Absolutely. You need plenty of carbs on lifting days, especially. I've found that this is the answer to "man, I just wasn't feelin' it in the gym today"

And I'm not just talking a little bit more. I'm talking about:

5AM - 1c oatmeal/protein shake
8AM - 8Tbsp peanut butter
10AM - Lunch #1
1230PM - Lunch #2
3PM - Shake w/50g Maltodextrine
345PM - Workout
5PM - Snack
630PM - Dinner

This was enough to fuel me through a workout of Deadlifts (5x5), Good Mornings (3x8), Rack Pulls (3x5), and Stiff-legged Romanian Deadlifts (3x12)

A couple of times, I didn't eat enough and had to quit in the middle of my workout. Bar wouldn't budge. I was out of gas... never again.