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I'm gaining too much fat while on...ABCDE-diet?


I would like some help, please! I don't know what's wrong, but for the moment I try to eat a lot of protein, 3gram per KG bodyW. I try not to eat too much fat, and not too much carbs. Even though It seams like I'm gaining a lot of fat. I'm at the moment doing primobolan only, 3-400mg/week for 10 weeks, expecting a 10-12 lb gain. I therefor try to eat a lot of protein. I have tried a modified ABCDE diet before and the method improved to suit me. I bulked up for 2 weeks and cut down on the cals for one week. I'm in the second week of my primobolan depot cycle, do U think that I can use the ABCDE-method? I don't want to gain too much fat, what I want Is a muscle gain 10-12lb, as I said. What do U think? Do U think that I have to eat like a maniac just to gain muscle while I'm on gear?

Please Help