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I'm Finally Back In The Gym

After taking about a month and a half off due to a shoulder injury, I got back to the gym yesterday.

I’m taking it slow (as I’m still testing my shoulder), but it still felt great.

I’m glad to be back.


I just felt like posting about being back in the game.

My bad for being excited about it.

What kind of injury did you have? I screwed up my shoulder and took 2 months off to do strengthen my rotator cuff. When I went back, the pain returned, and now I’m seeing an ART guy.

Good to hear man, I was out for a while myself because of a shoulder injury. Be careful with barbell work for a while and fixed plane movements. Dumbells allow you to find a more comfortable ROM.

Kick ass.


I’m not really sure. I did something to it while awkwardly moving some heavy boxes at work (even though it’s an office job, go figure).

Any type of shoulder abduction, flexion, or extension was painful and felt weak.

It still doesn’t feel great, but I was able to do some fairly light work in the gym (pull downs, cable rows, DB incline, light cable lateral raises).