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'I'm Feeding My Sons to Death'


'I'm feeding my sons to death' , says gastric band mother of boys who weigh a total of 840 POUNDS


... she couldn't kick the addiction of 'comfort feeding' her sons - and they now weigh 30 stones each.

She refuses to listen to doctors' warnings that Joseph and Mathew will die - because greasy grub is only thing that makes them happy.

The 48-year-old said: 'I know it's my fault they're fat, and that the fatty food is killing them, but I can't stop. I'm feeding my boys to death.



and a terrible loss it will be too.



Her sons look old enough to understand consequence. Those fat asses are killing themselves.

Is mom enabling? Sure by caving to their demands by the sound of it. But who is making the demands? Two free thinking fat asses who just don't give a fuck.


Fuck I hate stones. What an unwieldy measurement.


I know right! It's not like they're all the same size and shape. =/


How is that sofa not exploding?


Those are fucking adults. What the hell? Too fat to find a job? Bullshit..answer phones...

Drop out of school because of bullying? Yea, that's reasona.....wait, nope.

The mom says she can't afforf to help them because of her salary....but she can afford to support their diets? Mcdonalds is more expensive than grocery shopping...even if they eat off the dollar menu I bet they're grabbing at least two burgers and two fries with pies and drinks.

That's around 20 dollars a trip

That could be a bag of frozen fish a bag of frozen chicken rice eggs and a few bags of frozen veggies...



50 internet pointz.


They are 26 and 18...they are all stupid.

And fat.


"They are too overweight to work, exercise or socialize. The only thing I can offer the to make them happy is more food".


Darwin is a motherfucker


So is McDonalds. As we learned in the Nutrition forum this week, it is fast foods fault these fuckers have no self control and no sense of personal responsibility.

Burger King should buy their caskets.


Wow. Reason I stay away from those threads.


No! it's science's fault for making calories do these terrible things like pile up and fit into foods like this in such overly-abundant ways.


Hopefully they won't procreate.


I think they are taking care of that with their dietary habits and still living with mom.


you...you...you motherfucker....cannot unthink


This lady is ready for them. :slight_smile: