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I'm Fat!


Hi I've ben checking out and reading articles on this site for way over a year now, I think this is my first post. I do go to a freeweights Gym, but the problem is I'm not consistent, I weigh 130kgs, 'm not sure about my body fat percentage but I would guess its around 40-50%.

My 1rm on the bench is 80kg, I don't know my 1rm for the squats, but I squat 90kg 5x5, and I deadlift around 90kg reps of 5-6 for 4sets, I'm 19 years old, and 5'10 btw, I've only been lifting freeweights for the last year or so, but I lift for a couple of months then i take a couple off, my sleep patterns are messed up, I just got back to uni, and I'm going to start working out again.

when people see me they dont think 130 kg, they think I'm less, what's important to me, is to get stronger because I want/need to be stronger for my size, I would also like to lose some weight but I don' want a bodybuiler physique at least not in the short term, I'm working for strength, and I'm also a martial artist, my cardio is pathetic although I am very flexible.

When I squat, I'm in pain for about 4-5 days, even if I take lots of protein, creatine before, glucose right after etc, I've used HOT-ROX before etc. I just need some advice, a moral boost etc, on how to get healthier, shed fat, and get tronger... Please reply help me out:P


You know those articles you've been reading?

Print on that matches your goals and take it to the gym with you and do it.

(moral boost)- You know when you do something wrong, and you know it's wrong, but you do it anyways?
Well take that same approach to doing something right.


ok first off you need a change in diet

try to go to 3000 calories for a couple weeks, then 2500 should be ok for your weight. eat a big breakfast, and then 4-6 more meals that all have protein and either carbs or fat . one day per week(sunday works for me) cheat. eat burgers fries whatever, but try to get about 1000 calories more on that day.

the pain... do you mean pain or soreness? soreness can last up to a week normally, instead of 4-5 days.

oh and lift heavy meaning, tire yourself so long as you dont reach failure or damage yourself.

as for moral boost... you are a guy, you have testosterone and are aggressive so..



Congrats on taking the incentive to do something about the way you look! I started in your shoes about a year ago(my pic is 15months of clean eating and 6months of lifting). Don't worry you won't get a bodybuilders physique. It requires waaaay more time/effort than you can spend in a year.

You didn't say what your diet is but I'm guessing it's like everyone else's outside of T-Nation. Cut out the processed junk and empty calories. The T-dawg diet article might be a good read for you. My diet consists of almost 100% unprocessed foods. Everything is either fresh or frozen fresh in the case of meats with nothing else added. I would also suggest eating a big breakfast and eating 6-8 times a day.

If your going to be restricting calories I'd think you would want to do the money exercises and make sure to go heavy. This should help you not loose too much lean muscle mass while deiting. Wish I would have known that when I started!

For cardio/weights you might want to read the complexes for fat loss article. It has been the start of my routines for quite awhile now and it does amazing things to your body. If you aren't confident in your body yet go a little lighter with 8 reps instead of 5 and concentrate on your form while working your rest intervals down. If you can handle it for 8 weeks I garantee results if you follow the program! It's worked wonders for me.

Oh and use the search button. There is more information on T-Nation that you could wade through in a year. I'm still new to the iron game but I'm sure if something in here is off one of the old guys will straighten it out.

Hope that points you in the right direction.



Thanks for the reply, I don't really count calories, but my diet conists of somthing like this, Eggs + Oatmeal for breakfast or Wholegrain Bread Plus Eggs, or Oatmeal Plus a shake, I try not to eat any carbs after 4, but my lunch consists of a wholemeal sandwhich usually, Yeah im talking about soreness. Thanks again for the reply!


Thank you for your reply, impressive pic on your avatar, I know getting a bodybuilder physique is hard:P But what I meant was it's not my goal to look like that, I don't mind my body much except for my man boobs, they are a pain in the ass, I just want to get stronger and lose some of this fat, my diet is quite yoy yo, sometimes I eat very healthy, Unprocessed home cooked etc, but I'm an International Relations STudent at UNi, and my lectures and seminars don't give me a lot of time, to cook,

Im planning on getting one of those lean grilling machines, for chicken breasts steaks and stuff, my form on techiques are fine, I have friends in powerlifting, quite oldschool, but they also have quite a lot of fat on them! Ive searched a lot of stuff, I was thinking of trying the tabatha mthod plus some HIIT for fat burning maybe once or twice a week including my 3 lifting sessions at the gym, I also plan to get back into my muay thai! But its quite hard to keep up with doms, and trying to do muay thai!

Thanks to everyone for the replies!


I do the workouts, its not a matter of doing thw workouts, its just after a while for example I was on a clean diet for 4 months plus training, this diet had only wholegrain carbs, unprocessed foods, nothin fried or with oil, no soft drinks etc... Nothing unnatural, I was training 3x a week, weights, I was doing muay thai etc, I wasnt drinking or taking anything that wasn't natural,

then came prom night... and the drinking began, and the hangover and the mixed training session, then new semester of uni and more missed sessions, i continuously told myself I would get back soon, by the time i realised what happened it was 2-3 months, I gained more fat, lost muscle etc back to square 1... For example I could strat training now, but then xmas and new years would come and ill be fucked again:|


Try to build consistency, habits that you can continue. Eat cleanly but not so strict you don't want to do it. Train hard but but not so hard you want to stop. Get to enjoy the feeling that being fit and healthy gives you and when you have the little setbacks, your good habits will kick back in and you'll be training and eating better right away.

Treat yourself to the occasional cheat meal or glass of wine or beer. You will be more likely to be able to control yourself when you get to situations where there is a lot of eating and drinking. Don't wait until after new years to start getting in shape.


Lol new years is a long way away! I've been eating fairly healthier today, I have a free day tommorow so I'm hitting the gym! Boo ha! Thanks for the advice!