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I'm Fat, I Know...

these are picturesof me taken today, 1 week after i started my diet(low carb). I guess you can all it my starting point…although it might be disgusting to some or all of the fit people in this site who have never known what it’s like to be fat all their life.

Anyways, i’d like some “constructive critisism”, and just posted it so that i can see what i looked like and what people said about me. Anyways, i WILL lose weight and ill post pics later. oh yea, been training for about 4 months off and on.

What do you mean “low carb”. Whats your nutriton plan?

Also, there is no such thing as an off and on training program.

Get on and Stay on.

Your training appears as an afterthought in the last paragraph.

Do something about that.

turn around and take a picture of the front of you, your legs, and your arms

and keep them in a safe place until you have before and after pictures

there isnt much constructve critisism to give just lose the weight you want to lose and get bigger

[quote]Panik wrote:
What do you mean “low carb”. Whats your nutriton plan?[/quote]

Its taken from the “Serious Strength training” book. It’s a cyclical low carb, high fat diet. I’ve had good results before with this diet, but, as you can see, i’ve never gone a longer time with the diet. So far on the diet, i feel great and have lots of energy. I havn’t weighed myself yet, but i will in a week.

Oh yea i have sort of a unique way of measuring my progress;i cut a piece of string 34" long(my realistic goal waist and hip diameter) and every so often i’ll see how much closer the two ends come to touching eachother.

BTW my waist is 42" in diameter and hips are 43" in diameter. oh and one more thing, i dont know if you’ve noticed, but my spine looks like it turned or curved, was wondering if you had any info or recommended excersises to fix the problem, if it is just that. Thanks.

Sounds like you need a nutritional lifestlye change and not a “diet”

Read the following and the articles linked in them. Its time to take a diffrent approach, rather than yo-yoing

7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs


Massive Eating Reloaded, Part I

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part II

Good luck

Sounds to me like you need to learn how to set and achieve goals. Find some articles, books, or CDs about this and get to it. On again off again won’t cut it.

By the way, I’ve been reading this site for a few years now and I’ve seen a ton of “before” posts and hardly any “after” posts to go with them.

I guess I just don’t understand the logic behind telling people sitting behind their computers that you’re going to do something. How does that help you? Don’t say it’s going to hold you accountable because it’s won’t. All you have to do if you fail is never come back here again.

If you want accountability tell everyone you work with, your wife/gf, kids, other family. These people will be able to say “why the hell didn’t you go to the gym after work today? Go right now.”

Anyway, set some goals and stick to it. You’ve already admitted that motivation is an issue, so learn how to focus.

Good Luck