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im famous!

i am very proud to say that the little “debate” betwen me, ericka, and some other person who will remain nameless on the “new fashion trend” thread was mentioned in tc’s latest article. i feel like a movie star!

you are so lame

And to think P-Dog is probably my future…

Eighty responses later, the thread has degenerated into a name-calling hate fest that?s almost as amusing as it is worrisome.

You should feel proud.

BTW P-Dog, if you don’t mind my asking, what subject do you teach? You mentioned before it wasn’t English in response to someone’s criticism of your grammar. Apparently, it’s also not conflict resolution. (Just kidding.)

Yeah P-DOG

You’re quite the celebrity.

ummmmmm…can i have your autograph


The correct word is infamous…

Man P-Dog, you have always been famous, one of the first things I ever read on this forum was about dry-humping. And just on a side note, posting here because I didn’t want to revive the “other thread”, I was wearing a polo shirt the other day, and the collar became flipped up, as I walked past a mirror i noticed what had occured and instantly thought of the “other thread”. And I must say… I looked like a super hero, its like that part of the cape that frames the face… only without a cape… and let me tell you a cape is a difficult thing to wear and still look cool.
being a super hero-ish person for a day was cool, but in hindsight (that means looking at a girls butt) I realize I looked like a knob as well as a super-hero. plus I had no powers.

In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.(Andy Warhol, 1960)

No disrespect meant.

Is it, er, renewable??? ;0)