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I'm F**king In, Your F**king Out Log


Background Info:

Im finally moving north of vag bitches. After listening to bits of Kenny Powers audio book Im fucking in, your fucking out. Ive decided to live life on my on terms. (Yeah I know The second sentence was was completely unrelated to the 'north of vag' reference......and the title.) So I dropped out of college (all I was doing was wasting time and money), when I could be self-employed, get stronger and still fuck trogs........But seriously, Im training for a Raw power lifting meet in September. I dont really care if I place just taking this one step at a time.

Starting Stats:

Squat: 0
Bench: 0
Deadlift: 0

My plan is to not have a plan

Goals: @165
triple bwt Squat and DL
double bwt Bench


Power Drive
and maybe some sweet leaf before lifting


kenny powers audiobook


Electric Wizard - Vinum Sabbathi

awww shit dont pay attention to that wrong thread