I'm Excited - Reaching/Setting Goals

I’m excited! No not in your typical way that only us guys know about :wink: (or do girls know now too? I forget)

No I am excited for something that comes from something more inner. I’m talking about reaching a goal and setting a new one. You see as your reading this I am setting up my new calorie equationz for more growth - its like writing prescriptions for awesomeness! Now this means I can

  1. Set new LBM goals
  2. Eat more! Yum! - More food down the hatch
    And lastly get more sexy :wink:

(That last one is particularly important)

Its a new journey and much like adding onto a house. I am getting all the measurements, materials, and then getting to work! And of course getting to see it and feelz it all coming together!!

So I am excited and I thought I would share this with you - now isn’t that exciting?

[quote]SmearyToast wrote:
…new calorie equationz for more growth

The algebra of swoleness.

I like these ADD kids. I’m jealous how easy it is for you in murica to get the good stuff. Here docs are sadly a tiny bit more sensible.