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I'm Done with School Forever!!!!!!!!


I finished my last final exam I'll ever have to take earlier today, and now I can get on with the rest of my life FINALLY. I started school at 4, and honestly 25 years in school is enough for me. I'm giddy right now.


T minus 6 months of full time work before you miss college so bad you will cut off your own ass cheeks to not be the creepy old dude at frat parties.





Disagree. Every year I make more money, every year I get happier. :slight_smile:


I did love college, I plan on being that creepy guy.

I've actually been working full time for about 6 years now; last year I was doing 5 classes per semester and working 48 hours per week. I'm looking forward to only working 40 hours per week from here on out.


eh... I lived off 12k a year and had so much fucking fun.

I love my life now too, but god damn did I have some good times in that house.



Does this mean less free time to post ass pics? :slight_smile:

please say yes, please say yes,...


i handed in my last assignment yesterday and FINALLY FINISHED!


Congrats guys! Now onto the real world.


My baby brother stayed in college until he was THIRTY ONE! Never worked a day in his fucking life until he got out. He got a job as a professor at a big university, so he's STILL "in" school. He was smart with the grants and scholarships and my mom (my mom's 4th husband) helped him out, so he only had under 20K in loans.

Another client of mine bought his first house when he was 37 and when I was doing his employment history, he had JUST barely two years on the job (in an academic field). Prior to that he was a full time student - TWENTY NINE years of school... The guy was bald before he graduated! Over 200K in student debt for a job paying 46K a year!

Boggles my fucking mind.


Absolutely retarded, why the hell would you do that, unless you're scared of going out and working?

God, I was sick of studying after 19 - one of the reasons I decided not to go to uni.

Also, everywhere I look and go, experience > qualifications in addition to it's not what you know, it's who you know.

I kept getting lectured by my one uncle who I told to get the fuck off my back, and in a few years time I'll be well on my way on being in a better financial position than he is.


2 years left.


Some people have goals different than simply making a lot of money. They know what their passion is and are willing to be in debt to assume said "ideal job".

Also, for some fields extensive schooling/qualifications are necessary.


Of course, you can't expect to be a doctor or an engineer without studying. I'm not all about making money. I want to have an easy life, and in order to get that, well, you need money.

But, sitting there for 10-15 years is absurd.

Furthermore, I still didn't know what I wanted out of life 2 years ago. I would've wasted a lot of time studying back then.


Solid points. And I agree.

Lot of professors seem to have bachelors, masters, and phD. That 4+2+4 years of school (I believe). Upon graduation they get a very mediocre salary for 10 years (at least) of college. But if that's where their passion lies I say all the power to them.


This. Life gets better after college. Of course, I went for chemical engineering, so my college life was not much fun.


Haha. Ditto!


I studied art.

DAMN those were great times ^^


What's the difference between a BA and a pizza?

The pizza can feed a family.