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I'm Doing a Test Prop and Deca Stack


Okay folks, i finally started my cycle today and it consist of test prop and deca. I wanted to do a a test prop and masteron or tren cycle but i couldn't get any so i stuck with the deca.

As far as stats go here it is:
Age: 29
Weight Training: 12 years
Height: 5'10"
Current Weight: 170lbs
Body Fat: 10-12% it could be less (pics are to come)
Previous History: in 2005, I completed a 12 week cycle of Test (ent, sus250 and prop), deca, and 2 week tren, followed by a HCG and nolvadex. I managed to go from 160lbs up to 193 at my heaviest. I have been clean ever since.

Goal: Since i'm getting married and going to Maui for my honeymoon I wanted to put on some lean mass. I know deca will cause some water retention but because i am an ectomorph I still manage to maintain pretty lean. I am planning on doing this cycle for 12 weeks.

1: True Mass or Cytogainer shake and a 4 egg white with turkey bacon omelet.

2: Banana, 2 packets of grits and a cytogainer or true mass shake.

3: Usually some form of meat (chicken, steak or fish), 1/2 cup of white rice and a cup of vegetables.

4: Another shake and some fruit

5: more meat, rice and vegetables

6: Another shake:

I know i'm relying on shakes for majority of my protein which a lot are against. However, real food costs alot of money and i'm not looking to compete. Hopefully this works out for me. i'll be posting weekly on results and workouts.

I've been building my base workouts for the past month. I usually don't write down my progress but i'm going to start.

I did my first shot of tes today. it was 2cc of test prop in the right glute and so far only minor tightness in the muscle. I have been massaging the glute the best i can so hopefully no sever pain will come of it. i'll be doing a shot of deca tomorrow in the left glute. in 2 more days, another shot of test.

That's it for now. Let me know your thoughts or suggestions.


I am not very knowledgeable but can tell you this that use intermittent HCG at the Honeymoon.


Your dosing schedule seems way off. Prop should be injected every day, or EOD at the very most. Deca is fine twice per week.

It's nice that you provided us some information but you left out a few important things. How much of each drug are you using per week? What is your plan for PCT? (hCG should not be a part of it)

The fact that you are so light for your height is another red flag, but there doesn't seem to be a reason waste time on it because you've already started the cycle. You already know that your diet is not even close to optimal, you probably need double the amount of food you are currenly getting.

What makes you think you'll be able to keep the gains you make on this cycle if you don't know how to properly adjust your diet? Honest question.


I know I'll be adjusting my food and caloric intake as I go along. 2 years ago when I was on, I was consuming about 4500 - 5700 calories a day. I'm hoping it will take me about a week or two before I can get my caloric intake up. At this point and time i'm forcing the food down but hopefully that will allow me to get used to eating more frequently and be able to up my food.

As far as Tprop, i'm going to switch the shots to EOD. I was hoping to go every third day but given the half life of the product I know I have to switch it up. As far as dosage goes i'm going to be doing 500mg a week.

Deca will be shot twice a week at 200mg per shot

As far as the HCG, i'm going to be starting that 1 week prior to the end of the cycle. I am prone to gyno so nolvadex will be on hand throughout the cycle.

Hopefully this clears up some questions that you've had. Let me know if i'm missing anything or if you have suggestions. Thanks.