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im dizzy!

why am i dizzy when work out sometimes? i’ve been noticing it even more lately, especially when i squat. after a set, i feel dizzy. then i was doing prone leg curls and every time i got up from doing a set, i felt very dizzy again. then the other day, out of no where, one of my clients said she feels dizzy a lot when she gets up from benching. what’s wrong with us??

Are you breathing? Maybe you’re straining hard and need a little extra time to get recover.

Breeeeeeeath. Innnnnhale; Eeeeeexxxxhale.

How’s your diet? Do you eat much sugar/flour/saturated fat? This tends to happen alot around this time of year because of all the poisonous but oh-so-good goodies we eat! Peace…

LOL. Patricia, you made my day with that one.

I am always dizzy and nauseous when I train.

  1. My blood pressure really drops after a set. Have some one check yours. The protocol is have an idividual experienced w/blood pressures (find a member who is a nurse if the other trainers don’t regularly take blood pressures) put on the cuff before or while you are performing the prone leg curl. At the end of the set, take a BP while stil prone. Repeat but this time sit up before the BP is checked. Repeat a third time but stand for this BP. Significant drops could be the reason why.
  2. Low blood sugar. I am an activity induced Hypoglycemic. Resting 3 hr tests are passed with flying colors but during exercise if I do a finger prick it can drop below 80 fast. for ways to control Blood sugar check my response to “I have this excess body fat” post (ignore the first one with my name. I accidentally sent it when I was not even half done! LOL)
    Try drinking more water overall, and a carb/protein drink during exercise. I sip Surge or Endurox.

Are you anemic? You might want to check that out with your doctor. If you are anemic you may get dizzy if you stand up after lying down. Avoid prone leg curls if this is the case. I hope this helps… By the way breath during your reps but if you are breathing check with your doctor, your probably anemic.

It might be vertigo. I’ve suffered from this for the past 6 years. I’ve learned to accept it and live with it. You should definatley see a doctor, and don’t panic because that will make it worse.

do you use an eca stack or thermogenic before or while your training? a lot of people get dizzy when using such supps.

Make a conscience effort to breath, I often ‘forget’ when I am working out - especially when I am lifting heavy.

Have you made any alterations in your diet or supplement regiment recently?

Like others said, make sure you breathe. Make sure your drinking enough water too, you might be dehydrated/exhausted/ to make you dizzy.

I know after I max out in deads I usually feel dizzy and ready to pass out, so if your just going heavy, that could be a reason too.