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I'm Disturbed About This Arrest


There was some kid on the news yesterday who said he was involved in a PayPal associated porn business at the age of 13 alone in his own bedroom. He was stripping for nasty old guys for pay. In situations like that, it is THE PARENT's fault. There is no way a kid gets away with that for years (he was in college before he quit) without the parents knowing. Worse, at the age of 16, his own father helped him score spanish chicks for a site that focused on him having sex with spanish prostitutes and charging people to watch. He was speaking out as if Congress should crack down on child porn. I can't help but think someone needs to crack down on dumb ass parents more than anything.


sounds like he's being framed. Why would he tell the "girl" who he was?


I truly expect to hear these same types of doubts the next time anyone famous is arrested for anything.


A) Because it's an idiot (he wouldn't be trying to pick-up children otherwise)
B) He confessed
C) If you want to impress someone, saying that you're a powerful political figure might do the trick.

What the hell is wrong with you? I hope that you're never on a jury.

Sometimes, when there's overwhelming evidence against someone, it's because they're actually guilty. He probably thought that he'd never get caught because of his position.


Funny, I just had a guest speaker in my criminal investigation class who works for the state as someone that poses as a kid on the internet. I shit you not, everything said in this article just about goes word for word with what this guy was telling us about how he catches these people.


Maybe the guy spent so much time looking at Kiplemet's Anime, you know, the kiddie porn over on the sex forum, he just had to do this!!


Alright, I know that was 'trollish' (is that a word?), but I'm JUST KIDDING!



Yeah, that was trollish.

Look, the guy "knew" he was talking to an underaged girl, and he was trying to get her to "do things" with/for him.

If you want to grind your axe, howabout you start your own thread... oh wait, I think you already did.


you have to admit, it does seem a bit cliche. i could see this all in a movie, except they could replace the guy with will smith or bruce willis. how hard would it be to send pics from the guys pc, especially with pc anywhere and the like. the phone numbers could be found easily. so with remote access to his pc, and a phone book it's as easy as cake. crap now i have figured it all out. i wonder how long until they come after me? where's my aluminium foil?


Exactly. Apparently if you work in the government you can do no wrong.

Yet another thing I can't say with a straight face...




I think that is a good program but I am bit uneasy about it. I think there is a growing problem with programs like this only targeting Males.

Why there might not be as many in terms of numbers (which might be biased because we don't really focus on catching them). It shouldn't be ignored.

There are female pedophiles. Why aren't programs like PJ also going after them?

Some of these people get on such a power trip too. I watched the NBC Dateline Special on Perv Justice and people they caught. The people seem to get into a power trip.



Thanks for posting the link to this website. This particular page should be required reading for all parents who have internet access and kids. These perverts will always be out there. As with most many other situations and dangers, its a parents job to educate and protect our kids.

Its Bubba in the state pen's job to punish them.


I don't think that they are targeting men. I think that men are the ones responding to what they believe are children.

I think that if women responded to the messaging, they would be caught just like anyone else.


You're probably right. Just seems so odd the way it works. Either way its a good system, just hate to see anyone go on power trips.


Well, he could be framed. Electronic evidence is very easy to plant. However they need alot more physical evidence to nail the basterd (if guilty).

On the flip-side. If he was stupid enough to tell the girl who he was, he was stupid enough to use his work computer, and that I can believe. Just because he's a head honcho at the top, doesn't mean he's smart. He could just be a good ass kisser.


Depends on the age apparently.


TriG, I see where you're coming from.

The Debra LeFave scandal being my main reason for concern... how the FUCK did she get off? It's absolutely irreprehensible.

So are the responses. In this thread, someone said something to the extent of "cut off his balls and feed them to him" (which, by the way, I duly agree with). If I said "cut off her tits and feed them to her" I would probably be questioned.

Anyways, all child molesters are deranged, they should be put in a psychiatric ward as soon as they are convicted.


100% on Debra. Thats the same stuff that comes to my mind whenever I hear this.

Looking at Perv Justice again, they are specifically targeting males. Everything on their website is listed directly at Males.

Most of the people they catch are valid. I've read some of the convos though and sometimes they really try to twist people to get them. Granted the guys are still wrong for giving in but...

You can find something like...

"Oh youre 14... thats not legal"

and then the PJ people will say something along the lines of

"Thats okay no one will find out"

"But you're still underage"


I mean how much of this stuff is manipulating and how much of this is actually pedophilia??

Yes some people are guilty but... I think with the right tricks you could manipulate anyone into a situation that leads them to arrest. That is where the power trip stuff gets me.

AND the double standard.


The guy confessed, whats all this talk about framing someone?


Yes and no. This kind of trap is far more likely to catch male pedophiles than female ones. I've had to deal with some people that've wrestled with the after-effects of this kind of abuse. Turns my guts to think about it.

But from what I've seen, males are more likely to go after an anonymous, distant source. Porn. Kids they don't know that well, etc. Not all of them, just that they're more likely to.

Women are more likely to prey on those they know and/or hold a personal position of power over. Look at the teacher/student sex scandals in the news. Family. Etc.

That kind of abuse is much harder to catch, and it's estimated to be a radically higher number than what is generally supposed. Societal encouragement for males to not speak of such things only makes it that much more difficult to catch those responsible.