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I'm Disturbed About This Arrest


Check this out. My jaw is hanging...



Jeez, who did he piss off?

Sounds like all the evidence is totally stacked against him. Almost TOO much evidence. Who knows.


You're disturbed about the arrest but not the fact that he was seducing kids over the internet?


Yeah it does sound a bit like that


Are some of you people implying that this guy was framed?

If shown to be guilty, I hope they nail him to the wall.


It's always the most powerful who end up being the most sick.


Hopefully he'll end up in a nice loving relationship with his new cell-mate.


Not that this is by know means funny, the guy is obviously sick and not too bright, but he sent a picture with his DHS badge? WTF? He should be put away for life for going after children and beaten daily for being an idiot!




there was a show about these sting ops on msnbc or one of those channels last week. they had a house set up and the cops were working the computers posing all the time, and the cameras set up in the kitchen. it was pretty damn funny seeing the guys faces as they poked their heads into the kitchen, then the female officer would say " i'll be right out i'm brushing my teeth" , then the camera guy would suddenly appear...

one dude just immediately took his clothes off -then the cameras came out. another was a homeland security officer. and another actually drove by the house earlier right when the cops were arresting a runner outside, they have him on camera with all this shit going on- tons of cops- and the HE STILL CAME IN !!!


This is the first thought I had when I saw this as breaking news last night. Just seems strange to me, the guy worked for homeland security, yet was dumb enough to use his work computer? As a father, I hope bastards that do what he is accused of get ass raped in prison, but if you think about it, could be an easy way to frame someone. Nothing is considered more despicable, and all you have to do is plant electronic evidence.
Disclaimer: I am not saying he was framed, or that he is guilty or innocent, I have no idea because I don't have all the facts, but its a thought.


This guy should be glad he is getting arrested. If I ever caught him talking to one of my daughters or nieces, I would introduce him to the business end of a shotgun.

What you don't realize is that these sick freaks are everywhere. How about the couple recently busted for doing live porn webcasts featuring adults having sex with children (as young as 5)? That is sick enough, but what about the 70,000 subscribers who paid $29/mo. for the service?

If you have kids DO NOT let them use instant messenger on the web. You are literally putting them in danger.


Are you guys that are complaining afraid to get caught in a sting yourself or what?

Fry the bastard.


That's what I don't get. Why is anyone suddenly so worried about whether he was framed? Nothing suggests he was framed. He was simply caught red handed. Is it because of his political affiliation?


Some one needs to force feed him his testicles.


Not so much his political affiliation, just the fact that someone who works in intelligence could be dumb enough to use a work computer, and be so blatent about this.

For the record, if it was my daughter, I would want the man castrated with a rusty box knife.

On the other side, as well as attacking the problem with stings like this, we need to be attacking it from the other side as well, why are real 14 year old girls getting into these situations? How often does it happen? What can we do to educate and help them before they deal with these perverts?


Of course he was framed..whats wrong with you guys. I mean he works for Homeland Security, so there is no possible way he could commit such a crime.

Yeah right, I hope they put him in regular prison and not some Micky Mouse, I work for the govt, luxury prison. Sick bastard.


How could someone have "set up" what he said to this girl? That doesnt make sense.


No way, he's going to federal "pound-me-in-the-ass" prison.


Well said.