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I'm Disgusted With Our Courts


Why the hell are we paying for this Moussauoi asshole to STAY ALIVE!

Shit I'm convinced nature of our country is turning us downward with bleeding heart sentiment toward any asshole killer.

Now this dickshit gets 3 sqares a day, cable, health and dental plan all on my FUCKING DIME.

I sure hope he gets to roam the popoulation....but that would be cruel and unsual punishment right?

a 33 cent bullet to the vital organs with no medical attention for days could have been cheap and just.


I am inclined to believe that life in prison is a much worse punishment than death. Especially for a martyr-seeking ass like this.

I like the idea of silencing these bastards in jail, rather than immortalizing them through death.


From what I heard he is going to be in solitary for the rest of his life. For an attention-whore like him, no contact with people will be like a slow hell. If he was simply shot, he would become a martyr. Locking him away and effectively making him disappear neutralizes him and the effect he would have. He becomes a non-entity.


Well, there are generally criteria that have to be reached for the jury to select the death penalty.

I'm no expert in this case, but the nature of the eventual act and the hatred for the individual shouldn't override the laws.

However, if necessary, the laws could certainly be changed.


I see your point, but it costs too much $$$$.

Since we are keeping him alive...Televised torture every time there is a terror attack might be good too?

Damn I'm barbaric....bring back the gallows!


You know what can be done about the cost? Give it about 6 months to a year, when everyone has forgotten about him, then have him meet with an "accident". Happens all the time in prison. Pay off some murderous triple-life sentence psycho in the prison with cigarrettes to off him. Cost gone.


This is probably what will happen....I hope it's a long shank with days of torture.


It was a jury vote. Life or death. The jury pussed out and allowed this bag-o-crap to continue living.

This is a direct result of too much soy in our diets, and too much Oprah.


Was the jury in a Blue state???

I know if this was in TX he'd have his date with Allah set by now.


Our system is designed to be biased against the prosecution in criminal matters -- and particularly in death penalty matters.

To an extent, that's necessary because of the power of the government vs. the power of an accused person.

On the other hand, w/r/t the death penalty in particular, the protections built in to the system have essentially evisercated some of the benefits of having it at all, most notably much, if not all, of its deterrent effect. Even if he had been given a death sentence, he could have sat on death row for 30 or more years.


Also, it was reported that in weighing the 'mitigating factors', the jury considered that Moussaoui had endured some racism and had a mean father.


See? WAY too much Oprah.


Isn?t executing someone actually more expensive than locking them up for life in the US?


Only when you take into consideration the costs of funding endless legal appeals.


Moussauoi is an Islam-o-loser that was so incompetent that the FBI nabbed him.

No matter how much Moussauoi wants to believe and wants everyone else to believe that he had any part in 9/11 does not make it so.

Moussauoi is so pathetic that he does not deserve to breath the same air the rest of humanity does.

I would prefer to send him to Gitmo and never hear about the tool again.


Too bad he doesn't get sent to Attica via Rikers Island. I'm sure, solitary or not ,he wouldn't last long in a NY prison.


I doubt killing some one would be more expensive if it were to happen in a timely fashion. I think it is better he goes to prison. And he has to deal with the general population. I think he would rather be dead.


                                I agree I think death would have been the easy way out for him. Let him rot!


He's going to a supermax. Yea, it's expensive, but it is as under the jail as one can get. 23 hours of isolation and 1 hour of recreation, supervised by guards. He'll go nuts in there. Yea, I'd rather he go to the supermax. With the death penaly he'll have a final word, in a supermax, he'll just die quietly. Before that he'll have many, many years of quiet time to think about what an asshole he is.


Oh yea, I have been discusted with our court system for decades. Not because of this though.