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Did anyone just see the 15 minute bullshit session that CBS just ran during pregame on ephedra in the NFL? Essentially, they came out and said that using ephedra will kill you (in spite of the fact that Shannon Sharpe and Jason Sehorn said that 50% and 90%, respectively, of NFL players use it every week). They also attributed Korey Stringer’s death in part to ephedra (I suppose being 330 lbs. and doing three-a-days in 100 degree heat had nothing to do with it). At the end, one of the clueless commentators turned the set into a goddamned support group, saying, “I used Ephedra to lose weight, and then my doctor told me how dangerous it is. This stuff kills people.” And we all know that doctors know everything…When is this bullshit gonna stop??? Oh yeah, my personal favorite had to be when they interviewed the NFL’s Anabolic Steroids Specialists. Just off the top of my head, I’d say he’s 250 lbs. at 45% bodyfat. Then again, I could only see his fat face. I plan to write a pretty nasty email to cbssportsline.com, and I suggest you do the same. I’m a huge Patriots fan, and I am seriously considering not watching the game today just because it is on CBS. Actually, forget it, I won’t let them win. Anyone else see this crap?

Yea I saw this bullshit to it pissed me off but I run a supp store and I hear this bullshit almost everyday. I wish I could punch every winney asshole that says “you know that stuff kills people”

I’m not in a tolerant mood today, so I’m going
to be blunt here.

OK, here's what you've got to understand. 1) Mainstream media outlets have reporters who are highly incompetant by design; they are paid to be ignorant and ignore/distort the truth. 2)The mainstream media corporations are essentially hoars who are bought and paid for by their political and corporate masters - and the special interestes that support/comprise them. 3)In the specific case of ephedra, the mainstream medical mafia (IE the AMA, big pharma corps, and the prescription drug racket), as well as the federal government mafia, have an interest in seeing ephedra made illegal. So of course they are going to do shit like this. They need to promulgate effective propoganda to brainwash the sheeple public in to a frenzied hysteria so the politicos can have a reason to make it illegal. That's the way things work in 21st century Amerika. Any shred of honesty, accuracy, integrity or ethics (not to mention liberty) have been long since flushed down the toilet. Don't you get it yet?

Yeah, that’s pretty obvious, although you said it a lot better than would have been able. Now send it to CBS.

CBS…I am not sure about the C, but I know what the BS means.

I saw it they made Eph sound so good I bet sales by high school ball players go way up. Dumbass randy cross even said it really works but then denounced it as unsafe. Some one else claimed it makes you feel invincible.

I think the stupidest thing I heard yesterday was a sportcaster explaining the crappy weather in DC was due to 1.Global warming and 2.Indian summer. I love NFL Sunday Ticket but there are some horrible announcers.

Personally, I can’t wait for the day when Deion Sanders snaps and beats the living piss out of Jerry Glanville for making fun of his suits! Good point about it actually helping sales-I think everyone knows that Rancy Cross doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, so why would his thoughts on ephedra be any more accurate.

Go ahead write your email. CBS picked on an easy target. Let’s no pick on the individual who did not take care of himself (his family might sue). Let’s not pick on the team he played for (they might sue). Let’s pick on a chemical. Oh how I could go on!!!
Bottom line. TV exists to sell advertising space (I use to work at NBC), cut into this and they will listen.