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I'm converted!

Man, ass to grass squats rule! I just started doing them day before yesterday. Before, I would go down pretty far, but not all the way. You can’t use as much weight with the A2G’s, but who cares!? I am pleasantly sore in places I didn’t even know I had! Woo Hoo!

heh…wait till you start doing box squats, just added those after getting my ass to grass form down, they rock my world!!


if you don’t bounce at the bottom of your full squats then these will be like box squats. this is actually harder then regular box squats since you don’t have a support to sit on. Play around with your foot spacing for variation. laters pk

Funny thing is, I’ve been doing ass to grass back and front squats for as long as I can remember that I can use more weight in these exercises than with half(hip-bone at knee level)squats.

Congratulations. Just wait till you start reaping the strength and size benefits.

From the beginning, it never even occured to me to not go all the way down. Guess I’m lucky I didn’t learn from watching the people around me.

Do the world a favor and start trying to convert your friends. I’ve managed to convert a few, but some will never learn…