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I'm confused...Can U help?, Bill or Brock?

I would like to gain about 10-12lb but I don’t want any extra water in my face. I also woud like a harder look with minimum side effects. The cycle can’t be to expensive(not like 100mg winstrol and 400mg primo per day). I know the question is hard to answer, but please I really would like some help. I have some sus at home and I could use it 500mg/week for 4 weeks, then off, but I don’t know if this is enough time to gain 10 lb. My stats are: H:182-183cm BW:82-83kg(1kg=2.2lb) Bf-12-14%

I would like some quallity muscles but not huge gains, just about 10-12 lb, minimum side effects. I won’t go with high doses of dbol, because it’s bad for the liver. What can I gain with 500mg sust for 4 weeks?