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I'm Completely New to This Stuff


im completely new to this whole working out thing so i have some questions that might seem dumb to you all. but im looking for any help that i can get. so please be patient with me. i am a doctor (not gonna tell you what kind) and im a really fast learner.

so here is a little of what im trying to get out of some things that i have thought about doing. anyones advice is greatly appreciated and will be given the utmost consideration in that i believe in learning from those who are experienced and also learning from others mistakes so i dont have to re-create them.

im 33 yo, 6' 0", 200lbs and in decent shape considering that i really havent done any exercising in about 2 yrs. i played semi-professional soccer for a few yrs but decided to stop to prevent a knee injury from getting worse. i love to run, it is almost addicting to me. but i havent been running consistently for the past two yrs due to the knee injury.

as for working out in a gym, well i had a membership for about 3 yrs and managed to make it in there about 2 times, and only once to actually work out. i just love being outside. i do have the bowflex revolution that i do plan on using. i have read through many of the forums here and have found a lot of interesting information. all of this information has led me to write this.

my ideal weight is about 180, give or take 5 lbs. and from what i have read throughout these forums i guess that im looking to head in the opposite direction of just about everyone in here. my knee is bad enough that i may not play contact sports anymore, but not bad enough that i cant jog/run, ride or swim. i also snowboard a great deal and want to keep the knee in shape to continue to do that. i am also considering doing a triatholon in the future.

so basically im looking to lose a winter coat, gain some strength (maybe a little size) and lose some weight. i especially want to gain some strength in my legs to stabilize the knee. due to the knee injury i took up golf and i have an 11 handicap, so im a little worried about gaining to much size and messing up my golf game.

i do know how to lose weight and fat pretty fast. i have done it before. once lost 35 lbs in 30 days with diet and exercise alone. but that was 7 yrs ago and since i turned 30 and got married it has been harder to do that. fricken wife wants all of my attention and it makes it harder for me to get out of the house to go exercise.

so here is the deal. i just purchased some supplements from this site. which i would like to possibly use (HOT-ROX, Se7en, and Spike) and of course not all at once.

i also got a 25 ml bottle of Test-enanthate (from a good friend) that i considered trying before i read everything in these forums about it. im getting the impression that i may not want to use this stuff cause it builds so much size, which isnt what im completely looking for. so with all of that said, is it possible to use the test in small spread out doses to gain some muscle strength and burn some fat at the same time?

i have planned on doing more cardio (running and ride a road bike) than weight lifting. the weight lifting was going to consist of more reps and less weight on the bowflex. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks for reading through this unorganized information.


1 dont do the steroids you dont even train or eat consistently yet,

2 you have knee probs yet are going to Jog/run man those both KILL knees the swimming would be great

Diet nail a good one as well as a solid base in resistance training to preserve the muscle with all the cardio planned a three day full body plan would be a good start.

Um I say read the Are you a beginner thread and links and come back with more directed questions



Forget about your concerns with how size affects your golf game. Tiger benches 300 and he's not doing too bad.

You'd have to get huge from years and years of training, and have poor flexibility to get too big for golf. You'll have to adjust your swing a little, but the increased strength will pay off tremendously in the long run.


Pretty much what Phill said, just nail a solid diet and workout plan. I had knee reconstruction, and it hurts my knee when I run/jog, but I find swimming to be good cardio exercise. Ellyptical and rowing machine are good forms of cardio also, and are low/no impact on the knees.

Quick question: You said you purchased se7en. Unless you bought it for your wife, do you know that is for women? You said you are married, so I assume you are a man. Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to be clear on the information.

Good luck with your goals, and welcome to T-Nation.