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I'm chubby again :'(

Well… I finally quit smoking after three years. It’s insane to think that i kept it up even while working out for 4. Anyhow… Within 3 months, I’ve been godsmacked with like 15-20 lbs. of UGLY fat! I’ve added distance running to my training program, pretty much to help my lungs recover. April 16th I’ll be running a 5k as a goal. I’ve decided that i want to get into running/sprinting to kind of bring back that whole sense of fitness i used to have. I want to know if any of you guys have had any fat loss success with sprinting. I know there’s a few articles on here 'bout it, I’m a faithful reader… but what have you guys had success with?


Hey, there, demonthrall. Great goals you’ve got! Good for you.

Just remember that fat loss involves 3 components. Diet, resistance training and cardio.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) would be highly complementary to your long-term goals.

T-Dawg 2.0 is an excellent diet. It’s gotten a lot of people here good results without their feeling too terribly deprived. What I like is that it allows a few extra carbs on days you work out, which allows you to optimize PWO (Post Workout) nutrition. Let me know if you need help running the numbers.

As far as a workout goes, look at HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training) or a 5x5 program. In general, it’s probably best to for lower volume, heavier weight when dieting. But take a look at the FAQ. You’ll find something you like.

Good luck, and hit it hard. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Good job quitting smoking!

Interval training has always helped me, but I’m only trying to lose 4 pounds after a muscle gain phase.

P.S. It helped me when I quit to remember that smoking can cause impotence and had Humphrey Bogart and James Dean and all those people who look cool smoking lived a bit longer, they wouldn’t have been able to get it up (and they also would probably be starring in a detective show).

congrats on quiting.
Now as far as running for fat loss and real world results I have had exsperiance with both long distance and HIIT.
For your goals of losing weight and maintaning muscle HIIT (Like the most knowledgeable TT has already said) will work the best. After your workouts just hit up 10-20min of HIIT or do it on alternating days for a little longer if you have time you will watch the fat fall off. This is of course with your awsome diet that you will keep up with.

As far as long distance goes I did that many years ago when I wanted to lose lots of fat no matter what. I dropped 40lbs or more in 3 months with a decent(not great) diet.Now a days I use the HIIT methods of sprinting and then walking/jogging for 10-25min when ever I feel a little fat because I had bulked for too long with out cardio or if I ate like crap for a day or two.
Good luck my spelling sucks.

I truly admire those who suceed in quitting smoking…
And I’m sure you will get fit, just use some of the willpower on training, that you used on quitting smoking. :slight_smile:

Way to go! And HIIT is great. :slight_smile:

Yours, Lyandir.

Well, looks like they got you pretty much covered with diet and training until you come back with specific ?'s so you are good to go there.

By the way congrats on quitting.

I just wanted to mention that 1 thing to remember is by not smoking anymore your maint. k/cal/metabolism is going to be lower due to the lack of the thermic effect of the nicotine. So if you wonder why you seemingly cant eat as much there u go.

Good luck.

No body likes a quitter.

Thanks For the Inspiration. I am 2 Weeks into quitting and its is damn hard to stop the eating. To make matters worse I am trying to lose some BF% and get down below 15% again.
Someone posted that there is science behind the weigt gain from smoking and that cigarettes have a thermic effect. Can anyone elaborate on this or post a link explaing it.

I’m 8 weeks out from quitting too. At the two week mark I was stuffing food down like a fiend. I didn’t really try to worry about doing too much at once. Let you diet slack just a bit, but keep the cardio up. After you’re totally over the cigs, tune in the diet. The important thing for me was monitoring my overall stress level, and making small, realistic changes that allow for adaptation time and prevent a relapse. Think long term.
As a side note, if there are any people out there who are hard-gainers having trouble eating enough to pack on mass and also smoke cigarettes, you may want to quit and initiate a mass gaining phase at the same time. If your BF percentage is low, you should enjoy the lowered metabolism and ease of appetite stimulation. Just a guess.

thanks for the help so far guys!! can you explain hiit further for me?? which articles on test here explain the best? p.s. thanks for the encouragement, i’ve been SMOBER for 4 months and 12 days!! :slight_smile:

The problem is that cigarettes are the perfect weight loss drug. They increase metabolism, decrease your appetite, and on top of that, they make your food taste shitty. Even further, they satisfy an oral fixation so it’s “like eating” in a way. So when you quit, your metabolism goes down by about–I think it’s about 8%, but I don’t have a reference handy–your appetite comes roaring back, you regain a sense of smell, and you can actually TASTE your food again, and you want to satisfy your oral fixation, so you start cramming high-fructose corn syrup filled crapola into your mouth at record speeds. (By the way, that 8% sounds pretty meaningless, but it means if you’re a 220 lb bodybuilder you can eat almost 250 more Calories per day.)

No wonder people don’t want to quit because they think they’ll gain weight. They’re probably right.

It sounds like you’ve been without smoking for long enough to be considered “off” the stuff, though I’m pretty sure at least some of the temptation will remain for life. I know I still get temptations, especially when I’m drinking. If you hadn’t been “off” the stuff for so long, I would tell you to get that nailed down first before you start trying to cut the fat.

Okay, so you’re through step one. Step two is threefold, as TT pointed out. Diet, Weight Training, and Aerobics. Intervals are YOUR FRIEND. They serve two purposes. One, they burn the crap out of your fat stores, and two, they remind you why you quit smoking. If you ever slip (it happens) and you go do windsprints the next day, you WILL FEEL the cigarette or two that you downed. The key is letting this discourage the cigarette smoking rather than the windsprints. Sometimes easier said than done.

One thing that doesn’t relate directly to this would be the training partner. If you can find someone else who has the same goals (running a 5k), it helps. My best friend’s dad has run 14 marathons, and he says that the hardest part of going running is tying your shoes, walking out the door, and doing that first mile. I’ve found that to be true, and having a workout partner will help a lot. For some reason, if you feel culpable to someone, you’ll be more likely to stick to it.

If you don’t have a workout partner, one thing you can do is bet someone (your girlfriend, your best friend, whoever) $20 that you will complete all of your scheduled workouts. For some reason, that $20 will drive you out of your warm bed at 5 am to go running.

Yeah, it works, but I don’t know why.

You’re doing the right thing. Now you just have to stick with it.

Dan “Been there, done that.” McVicker

Quit smoking is very easy!!

The problem is not to start again!

Check out my article on HOC here at t-mag.

Mike Mahler

I quit 1.5 yrs ago, not easy but worth while! My big problem was going from 80kg to 110kg in 3 months, a steady diet of kfc and mac’d’s assisted greatly! Now I’m eating and training correctly I’m slowly getting their, inspiration from this site and sites like it help me keep motivated and on track with my goals. Smoking is a killer, would you pay someone to shoot you in the head?

Check out the Cardoi Roundtable I and II.

They should cover the HIIT pretty well. Also do a search on the mag and forumn on HIIT more than enough info.

Hope that helps.

Powerful post, there, Dan!

yes that was a lot of great information dan!! yes, its been since new years since ive had one, and i won’t start again. i was a 2 pack a dayer for around 3 or 4 years, but after seeing what quitting has done to my workouts… i will never go back. i’ve been a long time t-mag reader,… been there, did the limping series, and 12 weeks to great guns etc… but i never had a problem with bodyfat till i quit smoking. i just weighed in a 200 last night, and its not the prettiest 200 at 21 years old. but, if this is all that cigarettes can throw at me, then i am smiling ear to mfing ear.i am glad to hear i am not alone in this, it seems like there are other t maggers who smoke or have smoked. i will read the articles recommended for sure, but i will probably have some questions for you guys.

p.s. WOW! a hit from mike mahler! i havn’t been this jazzed since a small email from tim patterson!

P.S. guys, I completed that 5k I was training for yesterday, 04/16/04 in a time of 24:22, which i dont think is too shabby for first timers! I placed 77th out of 452!