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I'm Calling You Out, FightinIrish


So I know you like to make your witty, indirect and usually irrelevant remarks instead of actually replying to someone, so I figured let's stop all this petty bullshit right now. I'm calling you out to fight. You're supposedly like "Mr. Boxing" so this should appeal to you. We could make this a big t-magnum event, maybe even get Biotest to sponsor it. We can hire refs and everything.

I live in Boulder, CO and it looks like you live in New Jersey. I'm willing to meet you halfway, say in Chicago or maybe in Columbus, Ohio.

You whine about MMA all the time, so I'm guessing that's out of the question. I practice muay thai so I'm willing to kickbox, and if that is completely out of the question I will regular box you.

Let's do this. Anyone who's willing to make the commute to come watch, say so. FightinIrish let's see if your just all words.


This is what happens when you've seen "Never Back Down" too many times


Only seen it twice pal and this isn't about MMA.

You comin' or not?


OMG. I think he's serial.

grabs popcorn

remembers low-carb diet, throws away popcorn, grabs bag of cheese sticks


Holy shit this is hilarious


This thread will probably provide ten times the entertainment of any theoritical boxing match you've proposed...plus it's Sunday afternoon and I'm supposed to be on my way to the beach so please save any further combative intonations for later when I can actually sit back and appreciate this for what it is.




COME ON IRISH!!!! As a fellow MMA guy, but mostly a Muay Thai guy, I say muay thai, Quinn dosent get the benefit of grappling, Irish cant kick, go Team Muay Thai.


Someones trailer is getting torched.






If you would have been listening to that little voice in your head before posting this you would have heard "Don't do it, they're all gonna laugh at you"


That voice said "let's see if Irish has any balls because i've got a Subaru with 80k on it and it wants to drive to the midwest"


QFT. This is gonna be GOOOOD.

Set it up during the arnold classic weekend, first weekend in march, columbus OH and I will absolutely be there (Unless theres something going on at the convention that i actually wanna see. So set it up for friday night.


lol this is so dumb. I'll fight you.


Looks like Irish is pussing out


RIP Combat Sports Forum



I know we're all internet tough guys but why dont we try to keep it civil in this sub-forum?
Whether you do TKD, MMA or whatever, theres a rule of respect among combat athletes.
Stop this childish bullshit.


Lol TKD? I'll fight any pussy who does TKD, too. You wanna talk about civil? Talk to FightinIrish about his punkass attitude. He talks shit like no other (except xen nova) This is a combat forum, so let's stay appropriate. Combat is combat.


If you wanted to fight him so bad you could have just PMed him.