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I'm Calling It the 'Tread Sled' Workout


Edit: Just saw on EliteFTS.com that they released an article talking about this today. What are the chances? For the record, I did not swipe this from the site.

So, after reading a couple articles on how it would be best to try and use a treadmill WITHOUT activating it, I got curious. As someone that utilizes two big ass hills every weekend, I wanted to see if I could duplicate the feeling. So I toyed around with using a treadmill sans activating it, and came up with this:

5-10 minute warm up of "Hulk Steps" *
Hop off, Walk around the treadmill, stretch/do whatever for 2-5 minutes.

Here's what I've been having success with, interval wise.
10x1:15 on, 45 seconds off.

First :10..."Hulk steps"
:11-1:00- "Hulk steps" at an uncomfortable pace
1:01-1:15 Sprint**
:45 seconds of walking around the treadmill

The first 4 cycles or so aren't so bad, but if you keep the rest period strict, it wears you out fast. I've gotten my HR up to 180 after 10, and will try to go for 12 trials next time.

*Hulk steps- really just my way of describing a semi-deep lunge ahead. Play around with how you walk, but make sure:
A) your knees don't feel like they are tearing off.
B) You don't drift your leg all the way back on the treadmill
C) you keep your leg in a straight plane. Don't run like a moron in short (i.e. laterally rotate, medially rotate, etc.)

Sprints: I make mine short and choppy, aiming for 40-50 steps in the :15 time frame. I also lower my hand position, and imagine I'm pushing my car.

FWIW: I'm 22, 195 lb.s, ~13% body fat, resting heart rate is 54.

One last thing: If you have an mp3 player that can record audio, or a voice recorder, I just had a Eureka moment yesterday by noticing I can dictate cues to myself and listen to it as I run. from :05-:10 I say "5...6...7..8..9..step it up". I tell myself "..20 seconds...30 seconds...40 seconds...50 seconds...SPRINT" for :20-:50, and for the sprints give myself a countdown of "..5...4...3..2..1..STOP". I find this makes things more manageable then holding onto a stopwatch, or strategically placing it somewhere for me to see it and not fuck up while running.


post audio-clip


I would f-ing love a tread sled!

Anyway' just to let you know that if it is 'your' treadmill you are using' you run the risk of fucking up the motor pushing the belt while the machine is off.


If you have access to a Woodway treadmill, you can raise the incline, and then remove the magnet to cause the tread to freespin(thus allowing non-motorized incline sprints).