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I'm buying a kilt

Okay, I’ve had it. If I have to spend any more time looking for a pair of jeans that will actually fit over my legs without having to get a pair with a waist large enough for me to appear in a Slim Fast commercial I’m going to scream.

I spent two hours looking for jeans tonight all to be reminded that my legs must somehow be unhumanly large. TWO GODDAMN HOURS!!! 30 pairs of jeans and I am left with either Gangsta wear or watching the Levi’s 570 super huge loose jeans fit over my legs like a pair of spandex tights over Kathy Bates’s bloated thighs.

The other day someone at the gym looked at me and said that he was working out to get legs like mine. Be careful what you wish for my friend…be careful what you wish for.

Congrats on getting legs that size dude, to me thats freaking awesome. As for your dillemma, you may want to try Old Navy - I’m not sure if their jeans would be better or worse in this department or not, but I remember some of their carpenter jeans and whatnot being quite big in the legs so it may be worth a try.

Stretch jeans don`t work for you?

5’11", 220lbs?

Yeah, that’ll do it! :slight_smile:

I purchased two kilts this spring off e-bay. I sold one of them to a fellow in the states. I purchased real kilts and none of those sport kilts but I have to say I’m very pleased with the one I kept. You might give it serious consideration . . .


I have major problems getting any jeans to fit comfortably in England.

When I got married in Miami we went to an outlet shopping mall and I got two pairs of Levi’s which are the best jeans I’ve ever had. Only got one pair left as the other pair I wore to death so got to go careful with my pair I have left.

My thighs are 29" at the top and in England it’s nigh on impossible to get some decent size comfortable jeans. I have a couple of “baggy fit” pairs that are from a clothes chain called Next but they are skin tight…

Does my head in, I need to get to the US to buy some clothes…


Kilts - on men with great legs at least - are utterly, incredibly hot. I had a friend in an Irish regiment a few years back, and when he wore his dress uniform, he was completely wipe-the drool-off-your-chin lust-worthy. If you buy a kilt not only will your pant-fit worries end, but girls will swoon and random women will offer to take you home with them.

Get one soon and enjoy!!

to all of you who have that huge leg problem, there are these brand of jeans called PACO. If you get them in relaxed fit (not baggy) at your normal size they’ll work great, better than any other jeans I’ve worn. not only that these things are only 10-15 bucks (in my area anyway) and they’ll last forever just about.

A friend of mine was telling me about this guy that would wear a kilt into the gym to work out. He thought it was humorous when they were screaming at each other and slapping each other in the face before lifts.