I'm Broken

Thanks everyone for the thoughtful feedback and ideas. I really appreciate you taking the time to read the “book” I wrote.

I’m all over the fish oil.

My form could very likely be a problem.

I just started foam rolling (with the right hip especially)

I’ll look into more prehab activities. Sounds promising

I’ll look into the DVD and books you guys suggested. I need as much info as I can get

This will help me get mentally realigned hearing that some you are struggling with the same issues and that you’re working through it.

How often do you train? More is not always better.

If you think form could be an issue, video it.

How balanced is your routine?

Trying to give it 100% every session doesn’t work for me.

jesus that gives me the shivers. im 19 and most days somethin hurts. course, i accept that i’ll probably be hurt by your age.

nonetheless, i believe in total body foam rollin every day, but especially on the legs. if your legs are in shape, your upper body will be way better. having a solid and effective base is essential for healthy lifting.

another options would be to tone it down a bit. all of a sudden your body just got launched back into workout more, and while your muscles may be responding quickly your tendons and ligaments arent exactly young. take your time gaining weight/gettin stronger again, you got the rest of your life to get jacked.

dial in your diet as much as you can (a little bit more than you want to) but keep yourself positive and happy. sleep is essential, maybe try yoga/pilates. with the latter to, quality of instruction beats convenience.

mobility and general warm up work before every workout, stretchin after. total prologue and epilogue workout time should be around half you weight time. that means warm up and cool down.

get massages as often as is convenient. swim once or twice a week, and check out http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article//the_eight_keys_part_iv for some decent advivce on general body health.