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I'm Big and Want to Get Really Big


hey im 16 years old and i have been big build my whole life unfortunately it was all untoned muscle big bones and a hell of a lot of fat,
well now my fat is just dissapearing i have just started to eat meat ( i was a vegetarian) and since i have being going to the gym i have got more defined muscles,

but my biggest concern is i get so confused when i read articles on this websites when they mention 70% protein and things ii mean its hard enough i have only started eating mean and i don't have the mathematic skills to work it out,
i am dyspraxic and discalculate,

both hindering my mathematic ability's,
is there a good diet plan that tells you what foods to eat on this web site rather than what %of nutrients to eat,

i have protein shake and creatine powder,
i just want to get huge and scary haha i am 228 pounds and bigger than most men i see so i am already a big chap not as lean as i would like though,

also assuming i havent already said enough, does any one know of a really good work out plan for delts triceps. bieceps and forearms, as i am working on my arms alot i dont neglect my back chest or legs haha i just want to know more about arms,

i knwo im asking alot but i really want to get into weights properly and jus tbe the biggest i can be then eventually the strongest thanks guys


search 'diet' in the search box.. their are many different plans on this site.

If you want know more about arms, search biceps and triceps in the search box again.. their are many good articles.

there is a lot of info on this website, I hope you find something useful..


The only math you need to be able to do is counting the number of plates on the side of your barbell, and the grams of protein you're eating each day.

Unless someone is a professional looking to get into contest condition, I have never seen a convincing reason why it is necessary to track nutrient percentages or count anything except protein and maybe calories.


What you need to do could not be stated any easier. Well maybe the cliche 'lift,eat,rest,repeat.'

You might want to pm Mega Newb for some specific advice - he was able to go from large to really big in a couple of years. Also has a running log in Training Logs.


I count calories because I'm trying to get leaner and protein because I want to make sure I keep muscle where I can (it's also a convenient shortcut to see if I am carbing up too much).

I really wouldn't worry about 70% protein meals or whatever.

Just work out what calories you need for a day (there are calculators on the internet that will help with this) and how much protein you need (1 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight). Then just keep count of what you do eat (fitday.com and other places like that will also help you with that).

I think you're better off going for stronger first and then bigger as it's easier to get bigger if you're strong. But that's my opinion.

But yeah, the archives here are amazing. You could do a lot worse than just reading all the articles. You won't need all the information now, perhaps not ever, but there will be bits in the strangest place that just make sense for you.

Personally when looking for something on T-Nation I use google with "site:T-Nation.com [arms]" [or whatever] as I find this easier than the popup search tool here.



I'll take it a step further and just say that the only thing that should be counted is protein.


well thank you all very much you have helped me out im gona go do that