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I'm Back!


Damn...its been along time! By the way where are all the Vets at?
P-22 and wideguy are the only one's left?
I'm fully recovered from my wreck and back on track...Almost a year and it sucked every moment of it!
Muscle memory has kicked in (just like p-22 said it would) and 3 months into training I have already recovered almost 40% of what I lost...
Just wanted to say thanks! to those that inspired me and Hello to the people I have not met yet!


welcome back


Hey man,

    can't say I remember you but I havent been active on this site for too long either (also had a lay off).  Good to hear your getting back into things after what sounds to be a bad injury.  Anyways, welcome back!


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Hey bro nice to see you. What are your stats right now?


Yeah I saw a few names of some people last night that I recognized, The whole site has changed since I've been on.
WideGuy- current staTS:
Id guess about 16% or 17% BF I have not checked it lately, but Im definetly not 12% anymore and not the 19% I was when I was released from my doctors orders and physical therapy.
I will get a more accurate reading when I feel a little more confident in the outcome! LOL


hey bro, what was the extent of the injury?
I am dealing w/ a torn tendon right now, so I understand where you are coming from.
Good luck in your transition back to the iron game.



Bro,I had broken ribs, a broken wrist, and a broken ankle, later found out I had fractures in that same foot and a killer case of sprained tendons in my other ankle, knee and whiplash like a mofo that appeared later.. The thing that was and still is the worst is the ankle, it will be jacked for life because of the way the break went. I have limited range of motion in my right wrist that has definetly effected my work-outs, impossible to do push-ups unless I do them on my fists, and I have had to modify the way I bench...As far as tendon damage I guess I was lucky and was spared any major damage to them...
Good Luck, and remember it takes time and that is what is the hardest to except! Down time is almost as bad as watching your body go to crap after many years of working to perfect it...


Hey bro welcome back. Can't say I contribute much anymore as I have stepped out of the juice part of the game but, it is good to see another name of someone I do remember to have some worth wild post.
I definantly can relate to some of your pain as I seriously jacked up my right anckle two weeks ago and haven't been able to do much cardio or heavy leg work of any kind since.
Hope the recovery continues.