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I hope my physique is better than a 2


taken in the fall


spring of 2011 its been years since ive been on this board




side tri...kinda




MIssing the required pics

But looking big


height/weight? i'd guess 6'2' 270


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Hi Brock


I've never posted in a RMP thread before (...er...I think), but do you not do any forearm work? My eye is very untrained, but it seems like your forearms are very underdeveloped compared to the rest of your physique (which is looking big, btw!). I could be totally off on that though.

I feel like I've read something about small forearms compared to the rest of the body on this website somewhere (from like Prof X or something), but I can't remember the exact context.


WOAH i didn't realize it until i read this guys comment but wow your forearms are ridiculously out of proportion.

but anyways you are huge everywhere else. looking awesome. congrats!




yeah its just those forearms, noticed it while looking at the pics, but it doesnt hide the fact that u is pretty beast man!


That was a while back. Prof X stated the argument that poor forearm devlopement compared to a well developed upper body is an indicator of AAS usage. Some people say small tris are as well.

Either way good job OP hit those forearms, lots of imporvement from the first time you posted on here.


Thanks Im 6'2 and 255


i ran cross country in high school, if you click on my avatar you may see how ectomorphic i was when i was younger. I graduated high school at 18 years old weighing 155 lbs at 6'2


i actually got a tan for a minute lol


Yeah huge transformation from before, I ran across your old RMP. Good stuff.

What is you training like?
Diet, Cardio, ect?
and Supp usage of course is nice to know. If its too long you can just PM it to me but would be nice to know.


I came in the "IM BACK" thread expecting to see someone being flamed for not having a reason to be missed in the first place, then I saw a giant! Lol thick physique man keep up the solid work.

Is that a Spitfire beanie?