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I'm Back!


Hey all....after a few years off of the forum I have decided to return...as a much more out of shape...but much more educated third year medical student.
I have missed these forums :slightly_smiling:


Nobody cares. Your nobody to us.



you takin' that proteinpowda dawg? heard it's good.



Maybe you should disappear for a bit. Cool off that "tweet tweet" crap.

Oh, and it's "you're", not "your".



You're a dork who posts "tweet tweet" after every post.

Please disappear.


^op and bird




fuck you gay bird. and welcome back PP


I think that is more applicable to you.


Every thread theBird posts in inevitably turns to.. theBird's posts.. yet I never see him response in kind..

relevant: theBird, y u no fight back?

more relevant: y u no stop typing tweet at the end of everything you post?


he knows he's douche?



T-Nation - 1
bird - 0




You're quite the douche buddy!


I don't remember you OP but welcome back. :slight_smile:


speaking of backs, kuma, yours is looking pretty sick. props

EDIT: oh yeah and fuck you bird


Thanks. =)




I remember OP. Squat and dead were a weak point but his bench was pretty strong and he loved Waterbury. Pretty cool that you went through med school. How many here can say they accomplished something that significant in the last 3 years?


I just came back too. If Jacked Diesel comes back it will be like I never left.