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I'm Back, the Viking

Hey fellas for the old timers, the Viking is back. Ask away, I’ve had one hell of a year.

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Where have you been?

Not here that’s where. Lol I have been in a divorce, legal battles with my business, custody battle. General whoring around.

Shit, sorry to hear that. Tis rough, people sue for the silliest of things nowadays… Or maybe it wasn’t silly, idk the situation. Business is business, I wish you the best of luck with the trial.

I send my sympathies.

The whoring around part sounds fun tho.

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Haha ur not alone brother. I’m actively going through all of that… blew through my attnys retainer by the 3rd week and I’m now month 3’s in…

The whoring around was fun while it lasted but it got confusing in the end. I got a good girl now and she makes me happy. Tren fucked me, even though I stayed on test and took caber.im just now getting back to me. @physioLojik maybe you have some insight on that.

So for my gear run I ran 600 test 600 EQ from December of 17 to March of 18. Then I was on 600 test and Superdrol at 30mgs from March till April. Cruised on 200test 100deca from April till the end of May. Then 600mg test and 20mg dbol from June to July the I dropped the dbol added tren in at 210mg of ace a week for 4weeks then tren enanthate for 8more weeks. So October came off tren went up to 750 test. Ran that til Dec. Then cruised at 175. So lots of abuse. But I did get some goals crushed. And am getting ready for Europa I think. I might wait until later in the year to compete again. We’ll see what my next bloods say.