I'm back... & in NYC

Hi Gang,

I have been away for awhile, someplace hot and sandy.
Does anyone know a good hardcore gym in NYC that does not charge a arm and a leg?

Best of Luck.

Where are you? In NYC? Uptown,dowtown,mid-town? or are you in the Borough? Check out Johnny Lats downtown btween broadway and fifth ave.

The company I am going to be working for current has a office by the Garden. But the are planning to move into the Wall Street area.
Thanks for any help.
Best of Luck.

Since it’s been a little while, can we start calling you Even Older Lifter?

Welcome back old soldier.

I see the website and the forum have changed abit since I was last able to look at them.
Best of Luck.

If you plan on working out down near Wall St., there is the NYSC, Equinox and Crunch. How much do you plan on spending? For the $$, i’d go with Crunch.