I'm Back and Want Your Advice

Yo guys!

I was on here a while ago trying to figure our best plan of attack. I opted no try and go the HCG mono route and see if that would kick start things and had the worst panic attack shortly after injection and didn’t touch it again. Honestly, i lost motivation in trying to figure out was going on. I recently quit drinking three months ago and thought, fuck it lets see where were at. My T went up a tiny bit but my numbers are still in the 4’s. Full disclosure, I’m not nearly as active as i should be and have been eating like shit for some time now. Full on skinny fat, 170, 5’11, look skinny but not in shape. All levels are within range but what is tripping me out in my prolactin is high and thought you guys might some suggestion. I get super super gnarly anxiety and i thought it was from just not drinking anymore but think there might be more internal things going on now that i am not drinking and can get a better lay of the land without it. Pituitary looks to be workings so my question is all this coming back to diet and lack of exercise? I should mention that my insulin cam back super high and suggest i am insulin resistant. see results below. I appreciate any feedback. Meeting with the doc tomorrow to break down the results. Thanks.

Thyroid Health Assessment

TSH 1.310 (.601-2.499)
T4 Free 1.16 (.93-1.70)
T3 Free 3.4 (2.1-4.3)


Total T 416.5 (350-1200)
Free T 9.67 (4.76-24.40)
SHBG 26.37 (16.50-55.90)
DHT 44 (11-87)
DHEA 439 (<881)
DHEA-S 242.7 (160-449)
Pregnenolone 59 (46-330)
Estradiol 13.7 (<50)
LH 2.9 (1.7-8.6)
Prolactin* 17.13 (>15.20)
Cortisol, Random (serum) 9.6 (4.0-19)

Liver came back elevated as well at ALT 52 (>50), Ferritin 252 (>243)


Your E2 score should concern you, men need E2 for brain health and bone health. You should get TRT on your E2 score alone. Pregnenolone is also getting low and is needed for cognitive function.

Prolactin is known to suppress LH and cause hypogonadism. Low T, low E2 and high prolactin aren’t going to improve on their own. I hope your doctor takes these concerns seriously.

A liver detox is also a good idea.

Prolactin* 17.13 ( > 15.20)
you mean 17.13 ( < 15.20)

Has your width of peripheral vision become smaller, should be near 180 degrees. If narrowed, can be adinoma pressing on optic nerves.

fT3 is good, if body temps low, we are concerned with rT3.

You should explore hCG some more, starting with tiny doses and see where that goes. Sometime a body can overreact to something new. My first injection of hGH was weird and ones reaction can be panic or observation depending on ones disposition.