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Im Back After 2 Week Deload


So like I said in a post that I was going to vacation I decided to "deload"and from what I uderstand WSDSB template the stronger you are the more deloading you need but like Joe stated there really is not a need for deload unless they see slow progress and he sees in season a "deload". I did max effort at 80 percent with normal dynamic work with lower body and limited rep work.

My question is what workout should I start with now? should I do box spquat or before I started the deload I had only two weeks of front squats and 3 weeks of band bench pressing. Should I add bench pressing cause I did max effort pullups on deload days for 3 reps with 2 weeks. My normal cycle woould be 2 weeks 5 reps and 2 weeks 3 reps. Would it be smarter to keep doing max effort work with 2 more weeks which would be without deloading?


You took two weeks off? You're not really supposed to stop working out on a deload...

Just go lighter or reduce the extra work.


I did not take time off. I did max effort upper with limited rep training.


I worked out during vacation but decided to deload since I did not want to work out that long.


I would start up with fresh movements across the board , just for simplicity's sake


I disagree. in the words of ross bowsher (big martin) "my 'deloading' means me deloading my ass onto the couch with a bucket of kfc"

...or something to that effect. Two weeks seems a bit long unless youre peaking for a contest but it aint gonna kill ya


I always feel really out of shape if I skip a whole week, but to each their own.

I guess I misunderstood you, motherofpearl, sorry.

If you're back now just try something new and reassess your weak spots so you can work on them.