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I'm an Idiot Educate Me.

Plain and simple, no long drawn out responses. Just the facts because I confuse easily. What the fuck are you guys taking about. TRT, HRT, HT’s, PSA etc. etc. Am I missing out on something or should I be thanking my lucky stars.

Thank your lucky stars.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy
[Male] Hormone Replacement Therapy
Prostate Specific Antigen

Google the above and Google anything that you find there that you do not understand.

HT’s… Hormone Tests?

These are part of discussions concerning replacing lost testosterone levels and associated issues. Low T leads to many age related pathologies that can be largely reversed or avoided. You need to know these things because most doctors have no idea what they are doing or should be doing.

If you do not need to know this stuff, you are probably younger and there is nothing wrong with your libido, muscle mass, weight, cholesterol, blood sugars, endothelial function, mood, energy, bone loss, heart, prostate, arteries etc etc.

Holy shit, that’s not funny at all. Just started reading up on this, going to take awhile. I don’t believe it effects me in anyway, thankfully. This is where I start to reap the rewards of thirty some years of exercising.